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Knitting with strips of fabric - anyone tried it?

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Shamalamalam Sat 05-Nov-16 22:49:05

I want to knit one of those giant, oversized stitch knit blankets.

Most of the ones I've seen are made with eye wateringly expensive yarn, but I've also seen that some people have made things like rugs, knitted pouffes, etc, with jersey fabric cut into strips.

Has anyone tried with a blanket? Does it work?

Any ideas on quantities of fabric, ideal width to cut the strips into.


MoanyMug Tue 08-Nov-16 06:06:15

Do you crochet? I won a kit to make a basket I think and the 'yarn' was essentially t shirt material in strips. It was a crochet kit, but I tried knitting first and it was almost impossible. I went back to crochet and it went really fast but was horrible to do, hard on my hands and just looks a bit crap. There is no way the end drape would be firm enough for a basket. It could work as a blanket but it would be oppresivly heavy. Your thread has reminded me that I have about 2 hours work left to do on it but I put it in a bag and put it at the back of my wardrobe in disgust! I think some of the super super bulky weight Drops yarn when it is on sale would work much better.

DameSquashalot Tue 08-Nov-16 06:34:56

I tried making some tee shirt yarn, but I'm not great with my hands and found it really difficult.

I have bought some from Ebay to knit with - I find it easy to knit with (I have massive needles). As moany says, it is incredibly heavy.

Shamalamalam Wed 09-Nov-16 11:54:55


I can't crochet to save my life. Only knitting.

I've seen it done with plastic tubes as knitting needles but the wool she was using was really expensive.

I think I'll keep hunting for the wool - I already have about 10 half done projects on the go and a stash that will last me several life times so I can't really justify the £££££.

MaybeDoctor Wed 09-Nov-16 12:10:24

There is a lot online about how to knit/crochet with strips of plastic bags - you can make mats and handbags.

I think if you want a blanket then some of the big wool on the market will probably be big enough.

The other thing I have seen done is knitting with several strands of wool at once. That might work, although I think it would be easy to get in a tangle!

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