Kiwi crate

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Daddymcdadface Sat 29-Oct-16 21:09:43

I am looking for a similar type of kids monthly subscription box for 8 yr old DS any one have any suggestions for something similar that delivers to UK or a way yo get the US site to deliver to UK. Thanks all

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SoupDragon Tue 01-Nov-16 09:44:23

Google found curiosity box which is UK based and does science kits - no idea what they're like!

SoupDragon Tue 01-Nov-16 09:48:51

You might be able to put together your own using the challenge sheet on the James Dyson Foundation website]]

Shame they only send the kits to schools as they look fabulous!

Daddymcdadface Tue 01-Nov-16 19:42:59

Thanks for the info , will keep looking and see what else there may be , Its just that the kiwi crates look amazing

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stuckinny Tue 01-Nov-16 19:52:07

Kiwi crates are great. But your DS might like Tinker Crates better. They're by the same company but for older kids.

Daddymcdadface Tue 01-Nov-16 20:27:59

well was going to try both but they still don't ship to UK

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