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Could I make a rug, for the first time, by Christmas?

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PorridgeAgainAbney Thu 20-Oct-16 08:57:58

I'm quite creative but I've never made a rug before, but have come up with the idea of making a rug in the shape of an (not decided yet) animal for my son's room.

It would need to washable and I'm not sure what type of rug - not with shaggy loose ends but where you pull the wool through from the back so the front is essentially a series of short loops so it can have 'shading' to look a bit more realistic than a block of one colour. Is that even a technique or have I made that up?!

So, is it feasible to make a rug (approx 4ft sq) for the first time, in two months (realistically talking about half an hour each evening plus 3-4 hours each weekend)?


Off out now so will check back in tonightsmile

OdinsLoveChild Mon 07-Nov-16 14:50:55

Hopefully you have already started a rug but if not then try a rag rug.

I ordered potato sacks (hessian) , cut them in half, used old baby clothes cut into short strips (4-6 inches long, 1-2 inches wide) and then looped them through from the back. Mine are multi coloured but you can do a rough pattern fairly easily. It takes me about a week to do one. I have a few around the house because I hoard children clothes and clothes I will never fit into again and I like to use them up.

Theres plenty of tutorials online if you get stuck.

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