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glitter - but what type??

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hotdiggedy Sun 16-Oct-16 12:38:17


I like making cards for people and I like adding glitter to them but I'm trying to figure out what kind of glitter it is I like on shop bought cards. It's not the type that rubs off and gets everywhere. Its more like it is some kid of glue but not a glitter glue that dries flat. It feels smooth and perhaps slightly raised (though maybe I am making that up!) and is generally used on Christmas cards for snowy effects. The glitter in it is generally silvery and is very fine.

Any ideas??

user1476140278 Mon 17-Oct-16 01:25:17

It's probably Mica.

It's much finer than the usual cheap glitter you get in the shops. If you add glue and then Mica, it doesn't flake off like cheap stuff.

hotdiggedy Mon 17-Oct-16 19:36:14

Thank you. I think you may be right but I am struggling to figure out what kind of glue you use it with and exactly what kind of mica is needed.

I think the glue glitter used in this card is the one I'm looking for. Do you think its mica?

user1476140278 Tue 18-Oct-16 03:14:08

It's common to mix the mica directly into your I use PVA which I thin down a little.

Put the PVA in a dish...just as much as you need so you don't waste mica. Then pour Mica directly into the glue...mix and pour until you have the right amount of sparkle.

Because PVA dries clear, you will find it looks nice but doesn't flake off.

Or this is meant to be good for glitter though I've not used it.

If you're making cards like the ones in the link, the paper should be thick enough to withstand a thin coat of PVA...and in my experience it works well. If you don't like the look of it when it's been mixed, try sprinkling in the old fashioned way.

user1476140278 Tue 18-Oct-16 03:14:38

And yes that looks fine like Mica to me.

hotdiggedy Wed 19-Oct-16 21:40:00

Thank you very much for your expert advice!!!

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