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Anyone making art not craft?

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barefootinkitchen Sat 15-Oct-16 07:26:56

I like painting. I wondered if this is a place to post questions etc?

user1476140278 Sun 16-Oct-16 05:06:42

Yes I think it is. There are others on here painting and drawing.

HappydaysArehere Sun 20-Nov-16 18:11:19

Please do. Lots of people enjoy painting including me.

JoffreyBaratheon Mon 21-Nov-16 09:13:31

And a lot of people don't make the distinction between art and craft so many people doing 'craft' here are also doing art. wink

HappydaysArehere Tue 22-Nov-16 19:35:37

That is true. All kinds of art including mixed media, collage,quilting etc are discussed here. However, as said before, painting is a very popular hobby as well as a profession.

cariboo Thu 24-Nov-16 08:08:37

I paint and draw. Just began a course in oil painting in September and am faffing around a bit. Anyone else artsy (rather than crafty)?

LegoCaltrops Sat 31-Dec-16 17:49:06

I've just decided to try painting. I got a book on acrylic painting for Christmas & have just purchased a couple of tubes of paint, some paper & some end-of-line brushes from the local art shop. I always knew I could draw but assumed (based on school art class failures) that I couldn't paint worth a damn. Apparently that's not entirely true... rather a nice surprise!

For balance, I'm also crafty - I knit quite a lot (I like lace & cable, that's the type that looks like plaits or celtic knotwork), I do embroidery & tapestry (I like the fancy stuff), & I'm trying to get my head round patchwork. I do the odd bit of cross-stitch but I find proper embroidery with all the fancy stitches much more interesting.

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