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Maths & sewing - I need design help?

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Katymac Sun 09-Oct-16 10:02:59

I need to make a cover for a table for craft fairs & I have 4 curtains

They are each 1.2m long & 2 are 1.1m wide, the other 2 are 2.25m wide

The table is 1.2m by 60cms

So at double width I need 3.6m - at double width I have enough, but I need a piece on the top as well

So I use a smaller curtain on the top, then I have 2 large & 1 small curtain

Do I put a large across the front, cut one large in half and put it at each end going round the back and the last small at the back?

I'll be cutting 50cms off each one which seems such a waste but unless I unpick and remake there isn't enough in each curtain to make 2 drops

I think - does that make sense?

Katymac Sun 09-Oct-16 10:32:07

Or if I cut them up and make a much flatter cover

One large curtain will make 3 drops of 70cms each which will be 1.2m each and go around the table without a gather, maybe even get a 4th drop and the top out of a small curtain?

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