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Making a 2 toned tunic- query re fabric

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whataboutbob Sun 09-Oct-16 09:46:16

I am getting a dressmaker to copy a tunic for me (sadly I can't sew). I originally bought it in a charity shop and have worn it till holes have appeared. Anyway it has 2 contrasting colours. My query is: should the 2 colours be exactly the same fabric composition so they hang/ age/ shrink exactly the same. Or if one was say 95% cotton 5% elasthane and the other was say Rayon would there be a danger it would not hang well/ one panel could shrink and the other not? It's actually hard to get the 2 colours right and the fabric the same. Thanks for your advice.

VioletBam Sun 09-Oct-16 15:09:43

They should both be the same.

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