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Halloween party

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ApocalypseNowt Wed 05-Oct-16 16:13:40


Hope this is the right board to post this on. We've decided to have a halloween party this year - it's a daytime do and there'll be lots of dc there (mine are 2.5yo and 4.5yo).

I'm looking for help with decorating for the party. I'm going to buy some things in but i'd also like to make some things too.

Any ideas would be appreciated - I'm not the craftiest person in the world so simple would be good!

ApocalypseNowt Wed 05-Oct-16 18:32:50


ipswichwitch Wed 05-Oct-16 18:37:36

Have a look on Pinterest, there's some great ideas on there (that I will be pinching!)
Things like giant cobwebs made from a cut out bin liner - you could make a spider for it with a black balloon and black crepe paper legs.

Get a pair of witch-like stripey tights, stuff with newspaper to make them look like legs, put shoes on and put upside down in a bush, so it looks like a witch crash landed in the garden.

ApocalypseNowt Wed 05-Oct-16 19:41:04

Ooh I like the witches legs idea. That sounds like it's within my capabilities.

Will get on pinterest too. Thank you!

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