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Not on the High St- anyone on it?

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PollyPerky Sat 01-Oct-16 13:42:26

Just wondering if it's worth it?

I doubt my work would sustain me as a full time income- it's more a hobby- but be interested to hear experiences of NOTHS.

I understand they charge £199 to join then 25% of sales.

Etsy just seems a bit needle in a haystack- ie under 'earrings' there are over 1 million listings.

VioletBam Sat 01-Oct-16 15:30:10

Yes but how many specific listings are there on Etsy? Example....I recently went on there looking for the following

"Crescent moon gold plated pendant" and found what I wanted but there certainly weren't 1000 of those.

Had I just put "Pendant" in then it would obviously have been thousands. What do you make?

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