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Embroider machines - brother or janome?

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Housemum Fri 30-Sep-16 11:38:18

I am considering buying a machine under £1000 and have seen these 2 models
The janome has a free arm, the brother does not (though not sure how much I would be embroidering on anything already made, so don't think that it's an essential)
I plan to buy downloads from somewhere like Urban Threads - they mention suitable file formats for innovis machines, I presume that I would also be able to download for janome?
Any advice gratefully received - this is a large and frivolous purchase due to unexpectedly receiving a bonus, but I don't want to make an expensive mistake leaping for the wrong brand.

HoneyBunnySunny Sat 01-Oct-16 08:00:31

I have the janome plus a brother v3. To be honest there is not much difference in performance and stitch quality of either. But the brother has much bigger hoops and more functions such as editing. Brother files are PES format, Janome JEF. All the main sites cover both. Including urban threads. The janome 350e has been around for a few years now and compared to new models looks a bit more basic.

What I would also look at it is hoop size. Basically the bigger the better. You can always go for a smaller design if you want but a small maximum hoop size limits you to that size and you can't go bigger. Based on that I would go brother. Bigger maximum hoop, more editing and more fonts. It's a much newer model compared to the janome. When I first got my janome, 6 years ago, there wasn't much I couldn't do now there's quite a bit I can't fit in due to hoop size. Which is why I upgraded. You could find somewhere and test them out as its down to what you like. But fir me it would be the brother

Ps. Never buy urban threads at full price! Sign up for the newsletter. They have themed sales every Friday with designs down to $1.39! And once you need threads - gs uk is much cheaper. 1.20 a reel and the stabiliser is cheaper too

Housemum Sat 01-Oct-16 10:16:49

Thank you - very useful info. I was tempted by the Brother more but that pretty much confirms it. I'm going to the knitting & stitching show in London next week anyway and will have a nose on the Brother stand to see if they have one to try out.
Do you know of any good Facebook groups for hints and ideas? I will search but I know from my crochet groups that some are a lot more useful/interesting than others

HoneyBunnySunny Sat 01-Oct-16 14:02:51

There's a Facebook group called uk machine embroidery. Someone there know will know the answer to everything embroidery wise! Also if you are at knitting and stitching there's often offers on. I got free digitising software with my v3 last yearsmile

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