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Sewing machine disagreement

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Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:31:50

The sewing machine and I are having a big argument, not helped by the fact I haven't used one for decades.

It is a matter of hours before I throw it away and sew 3 pairs of curtains by hand but if anyone knows about tension and can help would you let me know?

I was given it on Freecycle with a tension problem so it may actually need a repair as adjusting the top tension bit where discs are doesn't seem to do anything and the thread still bunches up underneath where the bobbin is and Nearly Kills Me every time I hate it so much grin.

Even if you reply just to say you hate seeing machines too I think that would be cathartic.
Thank you

teablanket Mon 19-Sep-16 10:33:36

Have you tried changing the bottom tension bit?

sentia Mon 19-Sep-16 10:34:41

What kind of sewing machine is it? You might need to get it serviced.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:41:19

Thank you. No I haven't tried the bottom bit's tension . I will have a look . Thanks for a suggestion! Yes otherwise it might need a service

ginghamstarfish Mon 19-Sep-16 10:41:56

Where the top tension discs are, is there a screw you can tighten? Or it may be bottom tension too? Take a scrap of fabric to practice on and keep tightening/loosening one or both until you get them balanced. It may take a while and some patience! If tthat doesn't work then maybe a service is in order.

drspouse Mon 19-Sep-16 10:45:16

It sounds like it is probably threaded wrong. If you don't have the manual, then you can usually download them.

This could include not having the bobbin threaded correctly and not having the needle threaded correctly.

ginghamstarfish Mon 19-Sep-16 10:46:04

or do the tension discs act like a screw? Have you tried turning them? A photo would help!

littlewoollypervert Mon 19-Sep-16 10:49:06

Have you definitely threaded it correctly? I had a machine and if I missed one notch for the bobbin thread, the thread bunched.

Also (on another machine) I had some bobbins that were slightly too large - they fitted the space for the bobbin, but due to their size the thread didn't "catch" properly. Had to go from metal bobbins to the cheapo plastic ones and that fixed he issue.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:50:43

This is so touching as I really am about to explode with frustration and you kind replies are keeping me from sewing machine violence grin

I loosened the bobbin screw as the manual suggested to chamge the bobbin tension but just collected another birds nest of upper thread again

ChocChocPorridge Mon 19-Sep-16 10:52:09

Bottom bobbin tension is a bugger - that's the problem mine was having.

But also - do you have nice thread? Cheap thread also causes no end of bunching, and have you had a good de-fuzz with a paintbrush?

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:53:22

Just breaking off as an electrician nhere for something else but can take a photo shortly in case helps. You are saints as this is not my area of skill!

ChocChocPorridge Mon 19-Sep-16 10:53:52

I found a you tube video who described the correct tension on the bottom bobbin as being able to just enough if you hold the thread to hold the weight of bobbin in the case without unravelling to the floor

I ran mine with the little door open at the bottom so I could see what was going on.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:59:30

I think Gingham this could be the issue as even when I tighten to the highest the discs here are still floppy and loose.
If it helps it's a Lervia machine from Lidl

ChocChocPorridge Mon 19-Sep-16 11:01:13

How does the thread feel coming through the discs? Do you feel any resistance at all? It shouldn't feel like much anyway.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 11:01:23

Chocchoc that is really handy and I will try that . Thank you.

TwatbadgingCuntfuckery Mon 19-Sep-16 11:04:17

Double check you have the right bobbin for your machine too. tension issues can also be down to the wrong bobbin. Which would be a very easy fix.

That was the problem with a second hand machine I had. The previous owner had bought the wrong bobbins and assumed it was broken.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 11:06:00

It's odd because they don't look tight as they don't seem to screw together when on highest tension but when you pull the thread by hand it doesn't come all that easily. I threaded following the manual several times.

Chocchoc my bobbin was too tight but now drops more easily and I'll see how that goes

You lot are so kind flowers

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 11:08:28

Twatbadge this is the power of Mumsnet as there's another bobbin in there and I'd never have known of all these things to try. Maybe by the end of today/ this week I'll have less alarming bright curtains

ErnesttheBavarian Mon 19-Sep-16 11:10:38

oil it. change the needle. re thread.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 11:29:09

Thank you all a thousand times- I have returned elated after managing a full row of neat little perfect stitches and i really didn't think I would keep going nor keep the machine . I have a feeling it was the bobbin in the end.

Curtains here I come and I really really appreciate all your suggestions as think I almost used them all!!

drspouse Mon 19-Sep-16 11:32:09

Great! good luck with your curtains.

I find sewing so satisfying when it works out OK overlocker with blunt knives I'm looking at you

ChocChocPorridge Mon 19-Sep-16 12:00:28

Hoorraaaayyyy - diabolical things aren't they smile

Much like knitting machines, I think they sense your mood and start dropping more stitches as you get more frustrated with them.

Lovepancakes Mon 19-Sep-16 13:43:12

Yes diabolical. i am so relieved I persevered as so satisfying I had the hems changed in minutes and when it's working it feels almost miraculous.

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