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What craft stuff should I keep to entertain friend's children when they visit?

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catsofa Sat 17-Sep-16 22:28:02

I want to get together a stash of craft stuff for kids, mostly things they can do during visits to my house while I chat with their parents in relative peace.

My own is only 16 months, but various friends kids are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 11.

So far I have big bottles of ready-mixed poster paints in loads of colours, plain paper in a few colours, and I'm saving toilet rolls and all the cardboard from breakfast cereal etc. I have glitter pens and some pages of stickers, and have started to save copies of supermarket magazines etc for cutting out.

I've got one activity book with puzzles, join the dots etc, and could print some more.

There's a big kitchen table with lino under it, and I've no problem with them making a mess in there if it buys a few minutes of peace and quiet for us adults.

I know I need some good felt tips and loads of little bottles of PVA glue. Probably some child scissors.

What else could I get to keep 'em busy?

Tinofsardines Sat 17-Sep-16 22:31:45

You sound lovely op.

Nothing to really add to your list except some painting aprons! Just so your friends haven't got to worry about their kids clothes getting covered in paint ect.

3PurpleCrocs Sat 17-Sep-16 22:40:01

Lovely idea! We love craft here. Pound shops have loads of bits you could shove in a box and pull out when needed. I wouldn't buy particularly "good" felt tips for occasional use as they dry out quickly. We like Crayola best.

Maybe add some play dough? All ages love play dough! You can make your own really cheaply and if your own little one doesn't love it already they soon will!

catsofa Sat 17-Sep-16 23:08:40

OMG yep good idea about the aprons, I've got tiny ones from when we started weaning but will look out for some bigger ones!

I'm thinking maybe I'll keep a box of "better" stuff back for the older ones, so they'll have pens that work well and haven't been trashed by any younger kids, plus some nicer beads, proper bracelet clasps etc. I like the Crayola washable pens too, I'll maybe get a younger and an older/careful child set. DSD is 11 so I want some good stuff she'll enjoy over several days too.

With play dough I'm just a bit worried about any of it getting into the hands of my 16mo, because I think it's very salty and he's still definitely at the stage of trying to eat everything. I've made non-salty dough at home for him but of course without the salt to preserve it it goes off quite quickly. I'll definitely add some once he's got the hang of not eating it though!

3PurpleCrocs Sun 18-Sep-16 13:51:04

Our local B&M have got Staedtler felt tips on offer at the moment which my older kids like best. The older ones also like adult colouring books - you can print loads from online sites.

My 3 year old loves cutting and sticking but we use glue stick rather than pva as she can control it better. I save bright pages from magazines to cut up and make collages from.

We use old adult t-shirts as aprons - better coverage and cheaper.

I'm very tempted to go and restock our craft box (cupboard!) now!

catsofa Tue 20-Sep-16 21:18:38

Arg I hate glue sticks, they only seem to last one session and then someone doesn't put the lid on and they dry out. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, DSD!

But yes, better for little ones. I'll get some in.

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