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I keep looking on here for inspiration .......

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CatherineDeB Tue 13-Sep-16 22:07:15

to see what everyone is up to - bit quiet isn't it??

I have started work on a new project and am working long days, 12.5 hours today which is madness but not unusual in recent days/weeks.

I have got so many things I want to make sad, dresses (new patterns), a cape grin, then I have bought a second heddle block for my loom to allow me to weave more complex patterns, thinking of going to a weavers guild meeting at the weekend. I have got a couple of Craftsy classes I haven't done yet.

Have got wool, fabrics, patterns, books, bought candle fragrance and wax as I had used it all up.

Just very little time or inclination. All I am good for after a long day is watching 30 mins of paralympics with a glass of something.

Would love to make vicariously through hearing what everyone is doing!

AwayAwayAway Tue 13-Sep-16 22:18:36

I spent yesterday putting together a PDF pattern. On the weekend I plan to cut the fabric and put it partially together.

Also my Christmas fabric arrived for my table runner. I'm very excited about that.

CatherineDeB Wed 14-Sep-16 20:07:02

Which PDF pattern Away? I lost the will with sticking them together in the summer when I did three in about ten days and now prefer the ones you can get printed A0 size.

I think part of my reluctance is that I have got a few new patterns, lovely but with all the fitting that goes with a new pattern.

Are you just making your table runner up? I have got tons of Christmas fabric, full of good intentions but the most I have ever managed is to overlock a rolled hem all the way round a rectangle = lazy person's tablecloth.

I could be inspired grin.

AwayAwayAway Thu 15-Sep-16 07:54:16

I stopped almost all sewing and crafting over the summer as it was just too hot. I quite like putting PDFs together I find the slowness of it therapeutic.

I'm making that jumper which is the Halifax Hoodie by Hey June patterns and the table runner is in the form of wreaths. It's a free quilt pattern but I'm only using a bit of it.

There in a great craft thread in the Christmas section if you want inspiration

AwayAwayAway Thu 15-Sep-16 07:55:56

Yea I know the feeling of " I want to make this but it's a new pattern and I don't know how it will behave". Been feeling that loads this summer, had 1 thing not turn out well but it's been salvaged.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 15-Sep-16 08:03:12

finishing off my first ever quilt that I have been going to classes for this year, knitting squares fo woolly hugs, making candles, reed diffusers and soap to sell

AwayAwayAway Thu 15-Sep-16 08:56:52

Thats great Five. Put up a photo when you've finished! I love seeing quilts others have made!

Flossyfloof Thu 15-Sep-16 16:38:49

I have started my sewing courses again, started a Christmas quilt and done some stocking shaped cutlery holders.
I have finally finished a couple of throws.
Finished some bunny bootees and delivered them today,
Just mended a baby shawl that had been hanging over me for weeks.
I would like to start another throw and I have a couple of commissions to do as well.
I also need to finish my Toft alpaca amigurumi bunny. I have cleared the decks a bit so I might even take a look at it in a minute!
Other unfinished projects - too many to mention!

Djangor Tue 27-Sep-16 08:15:20

Used to make clothes as a teenager but just done mending & minor alterations since. Now want to try a garment again & thought I'd try a simple A-line skirt in black cord. Only black cord I have found is at John Lewis at £12/metre & they only sell in full metres - looked at Abakhan fabrics & a few others on the internet - any other suggestions? Not sure on pattern sizing either - is the sizing quite old so I would need fabric for a pattern size about 2 sizes up from my standard high street size? Measurements for Burdah & Simplicity patterns suggest this.

FormerlyCatherineDeB Tue 27-Sep-16 17:44:08

Try Remnant House in Harrogate (online) Djangor, or a local market if you have one. Fabric land is cheap (have never bought from there but many have).

Measure once for pattern sizes and then again is my tip - they are all very different. Then consider the ease or room to move in the garment. If you google ease on sewing patterns it will be clearer - two types, design ease and wearing ease, so the design of the garment and the room offered there and then the amount of room you need to move/sit down etc., etc..

After visiting Yarndale at the weekend I seem to have ordered a spinning wheel, perhaps that was the inspiration I was looking for easily led.

Lovely to read about productivity, I am really busy at work for another two weeks, so busy that my overlocker is going to be repaired (it came with a vvvv minor fault but I didn't want to part with it) because I won't be sewing for a while.

Tinklypoo Tue 27-Sep-16 17:48:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FormerlyCatherineDeB Tue 27-Sep-16 19:46:54

That is very lovely Tinkly - how exciting, a new DD, you lucky thing.

A rainbow all in one sounds like something I would love to wear right now. Cold here tonight!

Tinklypoo Tue 27-Sep-16 20:16:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Djangor Wed 28-Sep-16 14:09:01

Many thanks for the tip, FormerlyCatherine. Remnant House is a great new source - £6 per metre cheaper than John Lewis & the price I need for fabric for a starter project.
On other projects - a current fashion trend is embroidery and I have dug out a shirt I bought in Hungary when I did an interrail trip as a student. It looks great and seems to be simply done with blanket stitch around collar & cuffs & chain stitch for the flower designs. Going to have a go at a small flower on a shirt cuff. Used to really enjoy embroidery as a child - haven't done any since.

FormerlyCatherineDeB Wed 28-Sep-16 18:36:34

That is good Djangor, it is my nearest shop so I don't order much online (or even buy much in there if I am honest).

Really handy for trimmings/zips/cottons and cotton fabric.

Another really good place is fabworks. I like to sew with natural fabrics and love the range of wool and linens at Fabworks. I do order online from them, it is only about an hour away from me but I know I would buy far too much if I went there!

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