Sewing satin border onto Attic 24 ripple?

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nancydrew Fri 09-Sep-16 09:28:39

I am making the Attic 24 ripple blanket for a friend's 50th and she wants a satin border on it. I have got an ancient sewing machine but I am a complete novice at using it. Can anyone advise whether I stand a chance of sewing it on myself? Or should I take it to a sewing service type place? I have got the ribbon and pinned it on, should I tack it on and then try to machine sew? Or is it just too thick for a standard machine set up to sew ordinary fabric (not crochet)? It's got to be ready for Monday!

Thanks in advance clever mumsnetters!

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PolterGoose Sat 10-Sep-16 18:01:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Sun 11-Sep-16 12:07:51

I think I would hand sew it too.

Hmm... unless I could get the crocheted part completely sandwiched between satin top and bottom to minimise any stretching as it goes through the machine.

In fact' what I'd probably do is try to machine sew it and then have unpick it after bodging it completely!

nancydrew Tue 13-Sep-16 08:42:07

I machined it in the end with a bit of hand sewing in the corners. It looks awful. I pinned it twice but just couldn't get the same amount of satin ribbon on either side of the blanket. I didn't have time to unpick so gave to friend with the promise to do it again. However she said she was really p!eased with it! She is going to take it to her friends sewing shop to ask them to go over it so that the ribbon is sewn as close to the edge as possible. So alls well that ends well!

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nancydrew Tue 13-Sep-16 08:43:02

Thanks so much for the advice.x

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