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Janome or husqvarna

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Blink1982 Mon 05-Sep-16 10:41:28

I'm very much a newbie sewer... in my whole thirty something years, the only thing I've sewn was a pillowcase a month ago using a very very basic machine.

I was advised to get an auto threader, 1 step button hole and drop in bobbin.

I've narrowed down to two machines. The janome 4400 from hobbycraft for 129 with a bag and zig zag scissors. Or husqvarna viking e20 for 140 and no freebies.

Does anyone have any preference to either brand? Or experience with either machine?

Also it's a minefield trying to find a trustworthy place to buy! I read bad things about coopers who seem to now own multiple sites but insist they are seperate companies.

CatherineDeB Mon 05-Sep-16 16:24:51

I don't know either machine but I wouldn't be swayed by freebies.

Have you looked here.

They have a good reputation and unlike somewhere like hobby craft would be able to repair it if it went wrong. They include collection and return postage for the life of the guarantee (which is often extended).

Blink1982 Mon 05-Sep-16 21:27:31

Thanks for that link! I'm not really swayed by the free bits although they would be useful 😁the janome 4400 one I can only seem to find on hobbycraft or ebay (hobbycraft seller) the specifications are appealing because it's very similar to the e20 but the e20 is an extra 30-40.

RatherBeIndoors Tue 06-Sep-16 11:43:06

Do you have anywhere near you where you could go and try a few different models to see what suits you best? Our semi-local sewing shop does this, there is always someone having a try in the shop! It's also nice to have someone demonstrate the threading and basic stitches in front of you, as that's so much easier than the manual or youtube. I have always had Janome machines and love them, but everyone has their own favourites. I had a basic Janome machine about 20 years ago which is still running fine, but I have retired it now, and mostly use a slightly more complex version which was a treat to myself.

barefootbird Tue 06-Sep-16 21:21:59

I have had a Husqvarna for 22 years, it is still as good as the day that I bought it and never misses a stitch (unless I have cocked the tension or similar). Having said that I did buy a more expensive machine, I'm not sure what their entry level machine is like.

I was doing some research for sewing machines for schools and the Husky emerald 118 was recommended as being a good one to go for it terms of being hardworking and reliable.

A 1 step button hole is good but do you need a threader? I am over 40 and can still thread a needle despite no longer being able to read very small writing easily.

A bag and a pair of zig zag scissors would not sway me in the slightest!

You can get some great deals on line but I have always bought from smaller independent shops, with the last machine I bought (an over-locker) I sat down and had a mini lesson so by the time I arrived home I was all ready to go.

Blink1982 Wed 07-Sep-16 00:08:13

Thanks for replying ladies. There's nowhere local unfortunately, which I was surprised about. Luckily for me, my mum could give me a bit of a beginners crash course in the basics. Plenty of fabric places though so I'm excited to visit them and build a stash 😀

I think the threader is possibly the second most important feature to me. When I was using the one I was loaned the tension etc must have been wrong and the thread was snapping. I found it so annoying having to rethread, it would possibly put me off having another go if I don't have that.

The 1 step button isn't so important because I don't know how often I'd want to use it... but I watched a video of 4 step and 1 and saw that the extra faff might again put me off trying.

The husky emerald one does look stunning but unfortunately it's a bit out of my range. Initially I wanted to spend no more than 60, but after thinking about the specs and things that's been pushed to 140ish. The janome ones don't seem to offer everything I want until about 200 that's why I was pleased to find the 4400. With all the reviews singing the praises for the e20 I thought it must be a trustworthy machine.

It's a lot of money for me to fork out so I want to make sure I'm making the best choices I can. It's a shame I can't go and try them anywhere though.

incywincybitofa Wed 07-Sep-16 23:49:09

SMD are great to buy from and if you call them they will try and find you the best machine for your budget I have bought both of my machines from there. The freebies are neither here nor there they have good advice and good prices, they even talked me down from a more expensive model. They do have your Husqy for £139 with their freebies they also have this one less stitches than the husky but a top loading bobbin it also gives you a bigger stitch length, Your husqy does come with more feet than the one I suggested so worth considering what you will be using it for, you may only so far have sewn a pillow case but you will invariably be expanding on that.
The thing is you 99% of the time, will use about 5 or 6 stitches on your machine tops so don't instantly fall for the number of stitches available.

GUR Are another good site for machines, and they have this on offer with a free quilting kit a sewer I know bought a Jaguar overlocker and really rates it, I have had a turn and it is very nice to use. I know it is front loading bobbin but if you don't mind that then it does have a lot of other good features

To me essentials are
Free arm (so you can make the sewing bed smaller for sleeves and little things)
Top loading bobbin much easier and much more reliable
1 step button hole- you only have to do a couple of button holes if you don't have it to see why
Dropping feed dogs

Personally I would never buy anything like a sewing machine from Hobbycraft their customer service is dreadful in my experience Another thing to maybe consider is buying second hand or refurbished to get more machine for your budget

HoneyBunnySunny Thu 08-Sep-16 09:55:13

To be honest I too would avoid Hobbycraft. You'll get much better service from SMD. IME Hobbycraft just sell off the shelf and have little idea what they are flogging and if anything goes wrong the aftercare is useless. Also needle threaders tend to work for a few months (or even weeks) then mysteriously stop- they always seem to be the first to go. Using the little silver ones you get for hand needles is much better and much less faff. The only machine I've ever had where the needle threader still works is my v5.

I'd also think about how you want progress. OK you may be a beginner now but you won't always be. What can you see yourself making in 6 months? Would you be wanting to try clothes, curtains, quilts? You don't want to buy one now which you have grown out of in a very short time

ThursFriHappy Fri 09-Sep-16 08:02:51

I have recently upgraded my Janome 4400 for a computerised Janome and can honestly say it is a fab sewing machine for beginners.

I bought my 4400 from EBay for £88 including p&p and that was brand new.
Have a look on EBay as they've had a few on since xx

Blink1982 Sat 10-Sep-16 00:12:12

I've taken the leap 😁 got the husqvana e20 off ebay. Seller said it's a month old, got it for £80, I'm very excited... Ive been looking for patterns all eve!

SuckingEggs Sat 10-Sep-16 00:25:35

Phew! I thought this was a baby names thread!! 😅

HobnailsandTaffeta Sat 10-Sep-16 00:26:44

Me too!!! Bit disappointed now that someone isn't calling their tiny DC Husqvana sad

ThursFriHappy Sat 10-Sep-16 07:55:46

Great news! Enjoy!

Glad you didn't spend a fortune on one.

Honey is right in what she is saying about progress, I only had my 4400 for about 8 months before upgrading.

I was a complete novice so the 4400 gave me confidence, had steep learning curves with it, and now happy with my Janome 8050xl. This will hopefully be with me for a long while.
Pinterest have great patterns/tutorials x

Blink1982 Sat 10-Sep-16 09:58:57

Hmmm Janome does sound like an interesting boys name....

I love pinterest. But I discovered last night that a lot of pins are old and broken links which is annoying. I joined craftsy and found a load of free ones there too.

My first project will me making a couple more pillowcases for the boy, and quilt cover to match. Then I need a bag for me 😁

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