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Stretchy fabric non see through?

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AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Mon 05-Sep-16 01:19:08

I'm looking for fabric that's stretchy but not see through when stretched. Was thinking polyester/lycra or polyester/cotton blend, but those I've seen are either too thick (poly/cotton), or else see through when stretched.

Any recommendations on 1. The type of fabric/blend I may require and 2. Where on earth to buy it from please?

ijustwannadance Mon 05-Sep-16 01:31:54

What are you making?

AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Mon 05-Sep-16 01:52:47

Initially gym wear - specifically leggings for myself (currently I'm a weird shape and shop bought just aren't cutting it at present).

ijustwannadance Mon 05-Sep-16 08:32:54

Just bumping for you before I go to work. You'd maybe need some sort of spandex or microfibre. Cotton blends wouldn't hold shape enough or deal with sweat grin
Try typing fabric for activewear into google.

fortifiedwithtea Mon 05-Sep-16 17:08:24

Technical fabrics are hard to find in the UK. I suggest you go to Funkifabrics and request a (free) sample of Supplex. It's a nylon base but has a cotton feel.

You do not want cotton as you need the fabric to wick sweat away from you.

For patterns check out

AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Mon 05-Sep-16 23:24:41

Thank you both. I'll look all of the above up.

Fortified (my phone really doesn't like that word, dyac!) - is supplex stretchy and when stretched is it see through in any way?

fortifiedwithtea Tue 06-Sep-16 09:22:06

Supplex, yes very stretchy with a soft cotton feel but 100% synthetic fibre. It is opaque, I've stretched over my skin and its not see through. I can only make out daylight if I hold it up to the light. It is matt: not at all shiny.

I got a sample because I have a project in mind. I make ice skate wear from home.

Get a few samples to compare, you are allowed 5 free at a time. Get Supplex, Titan a very thick lycra type material, Perform (not tried it but the website says its for sportswear), Thermo good for jackets smooth knit on the front slight fleece on the back and a Matt lycra they call it flexcite. I strongly advise you get samples before making a decision.


AlwaysLookOnBrightsideOfLife Tue 06-Sep-16 11:07:15

Thank you fortified, that's very useful!

I'm also loving the prints at funkifabrics (had never heard of them previously).

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