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Copic pens - Worth the money?

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blurredlines Thu 01-Sep-16 16:51:09

Ok so dd 11 has a real talent for art as in sketching and animation etc. So has asked for a set of Copic pens. Quick search online for £292 for 72 on ebay! So possible a xmas present now but can anyone tell me if they are worth the money? Thanks

MissTeriName Thu 01-Sep-16 17:12:17

DD says yes (also manga/arty). But you don't need 72! They blend quite well. Try a smaller set first and try here

SilverBat Thu 01-Sep-16 17:23:13
I've just spotted these.
I'd buy some second hand first to see how much she uses them. Although I think they will probably sell for quite a lot more.
They are really good.
I did the same for DD, they are now in my 'box of things to sell on EBay if I can be bothered'!

blurredlines Fri 02-Sep-16 16:58:51

Thanks very much. Might start with a smaller set first !

Snafflebrain Fri 02-Sep-16 17:02:48

Watch out on Black Friday - Amazon have run a good offer the past couple of years - usually on the Ciao pen sets. Personally I prefer Tombow brush pens as they are water based and not alcohols so they blend in a different way to Copics which might not be what your DD if after

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