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which yarn weight?

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StarTravels Fri 19-Aug-16 17:57:53

Hello does anyone know if it's possible to tell the yarn ply that has been used on a blanket just from looking at it? I want to knit one that's similar.

Thanks !

Akire Fri 19-Aug-16 17:59:17

Take a pic? I'm pretty good on some yarns.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Aug-16 18:06:55

Yes, experience can make it possible to have a good guess. Or you could compare it to weights of yarn you have to try and narrow it down.

StarTravels Fri 19-Aug-16 18:43:40

Thank you both!

I've added some photos and tried to make sure there was something in the image to show the scale.

I know it's cotton... But that's all. Any ideas?

Akire Fri 19-Aug-16 20:18:09

Looks like DK if you can measure a 10x10cm square you can be more exact.

Dk would be about 22-24 rows and 18-22 stitchs in 10cm square. Count rows and stitchs then when you go wool shopping on the label it will tell you average stitches over 10cm.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Aug-16 21:33:10

I thought DK too.

StarTravels Sat 20-Aug-16 08:51:54

Thank you both. It's 22 stitches so I guess that confirms its DK!

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