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First crochet project - help please

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Sukistjames Mon 08-Aug-16 10:14:44

I want to make a granny square blanket for my friend's new baby daughter and need advice regarding my colour combinations. Which would look best and in what order? Also not sure whether to make it like in the picture or make small squares and attach them together.
I've three hooks to choose from - 4.5, 5 and 6mm. Which would you recommend?
I know that's a lot of questions and any advice will be appreciated!
By the way- I can make a granny square - I've been practising!

EskSmith Mon 08-Aug-16 10:19:57

For dk wool I usually use a 6mm hook.
One big square is easiest as you don't have joining issues then. I would just choose colours which harmonise and then use them randomly. Good luck, you'll soon be hooked (ha ha)

EskSmith Mon 08-Aug-16 10:22:27

If you really want to do individual shares then I can't recommend the book below highly enough, I've made numerous blankets from it and they all turned out fabulously.

PurpleDaisies Mon 08-Aug-16 10:26:36

esk I have that book from the library at the moment! I really rate it too.

I prefer using a smaller hook for closer squares. Try a few and see what you like best. I definitely agree a big square is better for not having to weave in ends. If you're doing small squares joining as you go is much more fun than seeing together afterwards.
Happy crafting!

Sukistjames Mon 08-Aug-16 10:54:29

Thank you both for taking the time to reply.
I think I may go for making it all in one go. I'm going to start with the aqua as I have loads of it!

MollyRedskirts Mon 08-Aug-16 10:57:27

I'm fairly new to crochet, but I've found using a colour wheel invaluable. All the colours that are next to each other are complimentary, or you can

MollyRedskirts Mon 08-Aug-16 10:59:19

Bloody phone!

... or you can pick a colour, then go for the opposite colour on the wheel. Can't remember what that's called, but it makes each colour stand out and 'pop'. Think blue and orange.

EskSmith Mon 08-Aug-16 11:11:57

Let us know how you get on - sounds like it will be fab, your friend is very lucky smile

Book is great isn't it PurpleDaisies, think I bought it after reaching my renewal limit at the library!!
Attached is blanket I made for dd1 from Jan Eaton's book - colours are rubbish as I can't find original photo - had to copy from my ravelry - is actually sage green & cream.

Colour wheel is a good suggestion Molly and then just put all your balls of yarn together to see what works.

PurpleDaisies Mon 08-Aug-16 11:15:03

Ooh, that's lovely!

SoupDragon Tue 09-Aug-16 10:23:50

I always use a 4mm hook for DK.

When I do anything stripey, unless I want a rigid stripey effect, I do an interlocking 1-2-1 stripe pattern:


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