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Advice about selling sketches

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tlc9424 Thu 04-Aug-16 17:53:17


I'm brand new to mumsnet, so please go easy on me!

I've been drawing and sketching since I was young, and recently I started drawing little animal characters for my nieces (I've had rave reviews from them so far). I quite enjoyed drawing them, so I carried on, and started getting a little bit more creative with them.

I started doing them for fun, but I've been convinced to start looking into selling them in some shape or form - I'm hoping to study medicine as a graduate next year, so any money raised would go to saving for that.

I wanted to hear some opinions on the characters themselves, as well as some thoughts about how to present them and general ideas/feedback.

I've never thought much of my sketches, so I haven't the faintest idea about how to go about selling them; any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I'll attach a few examples. (rough sketches, apologies for the quality)

tlc9424 Thu 04-Aug-16 17:54:23

Some more examples

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