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What accessories do I need for E&R classic sewing machine?

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JenLindley Sun 31-Jul-16 15:12:26

I bought it years ago with the intention of learning to sew then lent it to my mum and forgot all about it. I've got it back now and I've booked myself a couple of beginner courses but my mum has lost the bag of feet and needles and whatever else.

So I am online now trying to replace them but I have no idea what I will need. Could anyone give me a list that will at least get me through the courses? In one class we are making a tunic. Not sure about the other one.

RatherBeIndoors Sun 31-Jul-16 19:52:25

Has the machine got its basic foot still clipped on, and a bobbin in the holder? That's a start! You'll probably need more bobbins in the appropriate brand, and you may well need a zipper foot and a buttonhole foot, depending on what you're making. Unless you're planning on sewing stretch materials, leather, or denim, you can just buy a pack of general use needles. I hope your classes are fun!

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