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What to do with the brides maids dress?

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mypropertea Thu 28-Jul-16 14:08:52


I have a very beautiful bridesmaids dress that I wore to a wedding when I was pregnant. Unfortunately the dress will never fit me again and has been far too altered to be made to fit me again (also it is lovely but it isn't really my thing so even if it fit I don't think I would actually where it). Has anyone seen any creative things made from old bridesmaid dresses? I am not shore if I will do it myself or pay someone else to do it.... Probably depends on level of skill needed smile


Lovewatchingrainfall Thu 28-Jul-16 14:10:54

Could you maybe have it made into a keepsake pillow or find a few things and have a throw made out of it?

mypropertea Thu 28-Jul-16 15:10:14

I did think Christmas stockings... Could be easy enough for me to do!

Lovewatchingrainfall Thu 28-Jul-16 18:59:04

Christmas stockings sound a lovely idea

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 03-Aug-16 01:50:18

I know there's a charity that turns wedding dresses into burial clothes.
Depending on the colour they might be able to use yours?
I'll try & find their name.
Such a lovely cause

KittensandKnitting Wed 03-Aug-16 02:17:50

Are you thinking of cherished gowns? This is the charity in the UK that takes wedding dresses and turns them into clothing for still born babies.

Makes me cry just thinking about it

MissBeaHaving Wed 03-Aug-16 02:18:43

There are charities in a few areas now that use donated wedding/bridesmaids dresses to make tiny gowns and wraps for babies that are born sleeping.
They then donate them to parents and hospitals.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 03-Aug-16 02:32:34

That's the one Kittens, I remembered it was for babies but couldn't remember exact details. Thank you!

I saw it on FB. One of the few things that are worth looking at on FB!!
I cried so much when I read about it. Thousands of wonderful people have donated to them.

KittensandKnitting Wed 03-Aug-16 11:12:33

Sorry to derail a little here OP but It's a lovely charity.

I was looking at it the other day as they are always looking for volunteers to make the tiny gowns, I'm thinking of volunteering, and have asked some questions... They do ask you to make a sample first in your fabric and then if you "pass" they will send you a dress to work on. If you don't pass then they advise how to improve as they appreciate people who want to do this may also have their own reasons.

I will report back on a seperate thread once I find out more details, I hadn't thought to post about it on here so it's great you brought it up Zing

mypropertea Wed 03-Aug-16 11:33:11

The dress is a beautiful powder blue so if I have any bits I don't use I will donate them. Want to give the bride first dibs on things made of the fabric though.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 03-Aug-16 19:06:12


Can you crochet?
Look up "fusion quilt" or "fabric crochet blanket" on Pinterest. Very cool way of using up any bits of fabric.

In fact as long as you can do a blanket stitch you can use this technique!

mypropertea Wed 03-Aug-16 19:12:18

That's so cute! I love it

fudgesmummy Wed 03-Aug-16 21:35:32

Angel wings forever dressed with love is another wonderfull charity who make outfits for stillborn and miscarried babies out of wedding dresses

KittensandKnitting Wed 03-Aug-16 21:38:04

They are lovely!! So cute!

What about making them for her 1st wedding anniversary??

You could also quilt the fabric? And make, a make up roll or bag?

KittensandKnitting Wed 03-Aug-16 21:39:30

fudge I will look into this, I haven't heard back from cherished gowns just yet...

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