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Chinese material - what would you make?

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theluckiest Mon 25-Jul-16 16:11:05

My mum bought me some beautiful turquoise Chinese patterned silk material - what shall I make with it?

I wanted to make a garment but not a traditional 'Chinese' style IYSWIM. I don't really want to go for the obvious & make a cheongsam or robe really. Maybe a dress? Or skirt? Anyone got any pics to inspire me?

Failing that maybe some cushions?

MagentaRose72 Thu 04-Aug-16 03:15:58

A chemise?

RaisingSteam Mon 08-Aug-16 01:21:50

I had some of this fabric - it's called brocade - and made a strapless evening dress when I was a student. I keep meaning to see if there's enough fabric in the full skirt to make a cocktail dress to fit me now, it was a lovely deep green colour.

What are you most likely to wear - a top or skirt you would wear with other things or a party dress? A simply cut design wouldn't detract from the fabric.

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