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Ring box/basket for wedding

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thinkfast Sat 23-Jul-16 21:11:57

My brothers getting married in August and ds 4 is a page boy responsible for carrying the rings down the aisle.

We've been asked that he bring them in a box that he would like (eg Spider-Man) rather than a traditional ring cushion

I thought it would be fun to make something with him but I'm not particularly crafty. Could anyone suggest something we could do together that wouldn't be too tricky? X

thinkfast Sun 24-Jul-16 15:28:23


RatherBeIndoors Sun 24-Jul-16 18:22:43

What does your DS like? DD is painfully keen on those "surprise eggs" on YouTube, which appear to just be kinder eggs with occasional lumps of play doh. So, er, a kinder egg?!

thinkfast Sun 24-Jul-16 18:53:30

That's a great idea! Ds loves them too! Maybe we could do an egg in a nest

ConfuciousSaysWhat Sun 24-Jul-16 19:59:18

I'm a huge fan of amigurumi so if he's a comic book fan make him a couple of characters (male and female) one with the grooms ring and one with the brides.

Plenty of free patterns on pinterest

thinkfast Mon 25-Jul-16 00:12:01

Anigurumi looks great - I just done have the skills!

ConfuciousSaysWhat Mon 25-Jul-16 07:14:18

All they are is lots of single crochets, very easy!

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