WIBU to show off this the anniversary present I have made DH?

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Sinkingfeeling Sun 10-Jul-16 22:44:37

That is beautiful, I'm sure he'll love it. I also tried paper cutting at a craft party since and it was unbelievably difficult to cut without the angles looking all jerky, so you're very talented.

AnneGables Sun 10-Jul-16 21:34:17

It looks great well done.

dudsville Sun 10-Jul-16 21:32:25

That is so pretty, and II love the song. Paper. Cotton. Who cares!

Shitonyoursofa Sun 10-Jul-16 21:31:11

that is sooooo lovely. and i love that song, it always makes me teary even thought it's a happy one. good work OP!

Mrskeats Sun 10-Jul-16 21:30:20

Happy anniversary for tomorrow smile

Lighteningirll Sun 10-Jul-16 21:29:09


Ilovewillow Sun 10-Jul-16 14:56:26

You should be delighted, it's gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!


MummaGiles Sun 10-Jul-16 14:53:08

I did paper cutting at an hen do earlier this year and it is HARD. I am really impressed especially with the text. You should be really chuffed with yourself.

Flossyfloof Sun 10-Jul-16 14:51:12

That's really lovely. Are you taking orders, now you have got the hang of it?

Elledouble Sun 10-Jul-16 14:07:15

I thought paper was one year! I think cotton is second (at least, going by the presents my sister and her husband got each other for their wedding anniversaries.

It's really lovely, really clever! Well done you!

stealtheatingtunnocks Sun 10-Jul-16 14:04:46

Gorrjiss. Happy anniversary.

CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Sun 10-Jul-16 14:03:22

...although having just doubted myself and had a quick google, apparently paper is in the US and it should be cotton in the UK. Woops blush. I won't tell him...

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CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Sun 10-Jul-16 14:00:24

It's our first anniversary tomorrow which is paper, so have made a paper cutting for him. I'm super excited and want to show him NOW but I can't. It's pretty much plagiarised from one I saw on notonthehighstreet but they'd stopped making. Plus I couldn't afford to buy one even if they still did it... It's my first ever attempt at doing something like this and took me HOURS (and a sliced finger) and I'm ridiculously proud of myself grin.

The words are from 'our' song. He's a soppy git so I think he'll love it but I'm a bit worried he's going to look at it and be like wtf are you giving me?

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