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Making a rag doll

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RatherBeIndoors Sat 02-Jul-16 10:21:07

Anyone have any advice or pattern recommendations? I am thinking of making one for a relative's 5th birthday, hopefully with a couple of outfits. Happy to wing it a bit, unless there is a book/pattern people think is amazing! Also, if you were making for a girl that age, any ideas which outfits might be most popular and robust ? Thanks for your help smile

RatherBeIndoors Sat 02-Jul-16 21:12:22

Hopeful bump...

Tutu1000 Sun 03-Jul-16 01:28:42

I've got the Cath Kidston Rag Doll book. Mine came with a kit to make the doll, but it also has the pattern for it so you can make it in whatever fabric you want. But the main reason I got the book was because it had patterns for a whole wardrobe of clothing. I made the doll a couple of years ago, but she is currently still naked! But she's a project for me so one day I'll finish an outfit for her.

I've looked at lots of rag doll patterns, but this is the nicest one I found. Although the feet were a bit fiddly. If I ever did another one I think the Would just make the feet straight, or not bother with the sole part of them.

This is the book here

RatherBeIndoors Sun 03-Jul-16 09:32:05

Oh thank you, so nice to have a personal experience of that book! I will definitely take a look at it.

ITCouldBeWorse Sun 10-Jul-16 21:40:12

It might be obvious but I colour matched hair and eyes to look like my dd when I made hers.

RaisingSteam Sun 10-Jul-16 23:06:11

There is a book/ebook "my rag doll" by Corinne Crasbercu. The book has pretty rubbish instructions, it helps to have made a similar doll before or try a practice version, but the actual dolls are gorgeous with lovely clothes, very contemporary looking. If you are experienced at sewing generally, it might be a possibility..

Also what about one of the Clothkits dolls?

RatherBeIndoors Mon 11-Jul-16 21:53:15

I was undecided about that book based on the reviews - is it worth using for ideas and just working out the method for myself (am broadly competent at dress-making) ?

Yes, matching the hair and eyes to DD is such a sweet idea smile

RaisingSteam Tue 12-Jul-16 16:25:00

That's the approach I took. The designs were so adorable I was prepared to try and I have made dolls clothes before 30 years ago.

TBH I read the reviews and was prepared for fiddly bits, there are some videos although I didn't pay to view then, but even just glimpse of the doll part assembled here was a big help.

RatherBeIndoors Fri 05-Aug-16 21:15:34

Raisingsteam an update - I bought the book, took a deep breath, and oh my word you were so right about the instructions! Lovely designs, useful full size pattern pieces - beyond that I have decided I might as well pretend the text is in Swahili - there is no point in reading it! However, doll is assembled, and I am losing my mind and eyesight am having a thrilling Friday night attaching the hair grin In case you ever make another, instead of the suggested sticky tape and tissue paper method for laying out all the wool before sewing it together, I used masking tape which was quicker, and less sticky to remove.

RaisingSteam Mon 08-Aug-16 01:12:28

Oh well done!
I did the curly hair method from here so no sewing. Just a lot of baffled looks from my family as to why there was knitting wool in the oven.

I made the doll with the raincoat and wellies - which did you do? I was just thinking of making some more clothes TBH.

RatherBeIndoors Tue 09-Aug-16 09:49:44

I did the floral one with the hat and the pinafore and the plaits, and I made some less victorian underwear by cutting up some old babygros to make pants and a vest smile

MagentaRose72 Wed 10-Aug-16 00:04:35

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RatherBeIndoors Wed 10-Aug-16 09:47:35

Oh those are gorgeous! My DD is a bit older, so it was safer to include a few more pieces like removable shoes, buttons etc, so this was my version:

MagentaRose72 Wed 10-Aug-16 12:26:00

Aww lovely doll! How did you do her face? Some people embroider and some people draw the face with fabric pens. It's so important for toys to be age appropriate isn't it!

Although mine is suitable for babies, I wouldn't want to sell them ready made. I can't see how anyone actually makes money doing those. I love the look of handmade dolls made from scratch, though I'm not sure I have the skills or patience to put all of those bits together.

For 3 years plus I like the idea of having buttons or zips on the doll's clothes as learning aids.

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