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Does anyone have a couple of balls of this yarn?

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hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 13:10:41

Foolishly I have started a blanket with yarn I bought a year ago only to find one colour is discontinued. Would any of you lovely Mnetters have any squirrelled away that I could buy from you? It's Sublime extra fine merino DK in Lemon and I think the code is 207. Many thanks in advance!

tribpot Sat 16-Apr-16 13:28:58

Is it pale yellow, 203? I had a look on Ravelry to see if anyone had it in their stash marked as 'will trade or sell', which is often a good way to find discontinued yarns. Alas not.

Is it used as an accent colour? If a main colour I would be worried that, even if you found some in the right colour way, the fact it was from a different dye lot would be obvious.

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 13:56:18

I don't have the wrapping from the ball I have but in the yarn shop today they said it was lemon. It's a blanket in stripes with other colours so I can def work around it if I can't get exact match.

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 13:57:10

Thanks for looking though tribpot smile

Jinglebells99 Sat 16-Apr-16 13:58:55

Ooh that's lovely smile sorry can't help with the yarn though, but love your blanket.

ChipInTheSugar Sat 16-Apr-16 14:00:37

There's a FB page called Haphazard Hookers - someone in there may have some?

Or - long shot - the Woolly hugs folk?

PurpleFrog Sat 16-Apr-16 17:18:19

Found some on eBay

Rpj16 Sat 16-Apr-16 19:39:29

I have 15 grams of sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk in butter yellow left. Its very lemony number 0359 if you want to compare.

How much did you need? You can have it if you like. It's not a full ball. I've mixed the baby cashmere merino silk with extra fine merino dk and it's been fine.

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 20:55:07

Oh my thanks guys. I have bought a something that is close but will investigate all avenues to get the same.

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 20:57:32

Rpj thanks for the offer that's very kind. For I don't find the same I'll use the one that that's close.

PurpleDaisies Sat 16-Apr-16 21:00:20

That's a gorgeous blanket. What's the pattern?

PurpleFrog Sat 16-Apr-16 21:21:07

Did you look at my link? Was it not 203 Limone?

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 21:37:33

Purple - thanks yes I have and it might be although I have the code as 207. I may well order it and if it's not the same I'll use it elsewhere :-)

hillbilly Sat 16-Apr-16 21:40:37

Ah - 2 purples!! The pattern is called flowers in a row and originally came from but I found a colour scheme I preferred just on Google.

hillbilly Thu 21-Apr-16 11:05:32

Purplefrog - thanks so much. It arrived today and is the right colour. So in fact it was not the code I thought but 203. The power of MN smile

PurpleFrog Thu 21-Apr-16 19:33:26

Brilliant! grin

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