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French Polishing????

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lavendersun Tue 05-Apr-16 16:40:19

Not quite sure where to put this but has anyone had a go at French Polishing?

Most of my furniture is old, quite a bit of it has got a scratch or two and I fancy trying to restore it myself.

Worst is my piano which was scratched all along the front in a house move.

I have bought a book and ordered a 'starter' kit from here

plus some garnet polish for the piano. I thought I might go for a day's tuition somewhere and have found a place in Lincoln.

Not sure if I will go yet, I will see how I get on first I think. If anyone knows of any tuition in the North of England or can recommend anything else that would be good.

I am quite good at 'detail' so am hoping that with a book and the internet I can have a fair go at it but any tips gratefully received.

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