Interfacing - does anybody find it a faff to apply? Or are there shortcuts?

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ThursFriHappy Tue 29-Mar-16 19:56:02

Thanks for the advice GetMeOut,

Yes, I did use steam, so I'll ban that, thanks. You've been very

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GetMeOut Mon 28-Mar-16 23:30:09

Are you using steam ? If so, try with out( the steam interferes with the glue ) and then press first , a heavy downward motion for a few seconds , to fix the glue , then slowly move the iron round in circles outwards to warm the glue up and make it stick. Medium heat rather than very hot. The middle of the iron plate is the warmest part do make sure you are using that. Leave it to cool without moving and then take a look at it. If it hasn't fused then try a slightly higher heat.
I would also practice on a small spare first.
Hope that helps smile

ThursFriHappy Mon 28-Mar-16 15:23:18

Hi there, can anybody advise re applying iron -on interfacing to sewing material?

Making a large shopping bag and according to the instructions, I need to use interfacing for rigidity. I've never used it before.

Finding it such a faff, twice I've had to take it off and start again. When I'm ironing it on, the material gets creased. It's not helping that the interfacing has been folded in places, and I can't get it flat because of the glue side.

Would I get away with smaller pieces instead of one big one?

Any easier ways? Please help. Argghhhhh...


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