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Irish Lace Crochet Painful Hands!

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Snarklepoo Fri 25-Mar-16 09:56:07

I wonder if any of you can help out?
I'm currently teaching myself to make Irish Crochet Lace, but am suffering!

I am right handed and hold the hook in an over-grip (like holding a knife to cut up food).

Because I am gripping the thread to tension it under the fingers of the left hand, I find I am scrunching up the little finger and am now in constant discomfort.

I find working with a cloth balled up in the left hand helps to keep my grip a bit more open, but it's not so easy to manage the tension (1mm hook and no 10 thread so small work but not tiny).

Am a little concerned that I may be storing up problems for later in life and wonder if anyone has successfully retrained themselves to change their grip to something easier on the hands? If so, how did you do it? Has anyone tried any devices like a finger splint?

I know my technique is not the best way to hold the work. Trying to retrain myself after 20 years is proving a struggle! Thanks in advance.

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