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Baby boy knitting patterns for beginners

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Flossyfloof Fri 18-Mar-16 19:46:03

I have been looking through my own collection and on Ravelry but not seen anything that I particularly like.
I am looking for easy patterns for a baby boy. I think it would be best to avoid button holes and especially picking up stitches.
Any ideas please?

Penguinepenguins Fri 18-Mar-16 19:59:49

I picked up lots of knitting books recently... I will have a look through tomorrow as I remember seeing some lovely "boy patterns"

How old is the baby?

Flossyfloof Fri 18-Mar-16 20:22:11

Oh thank you ever so much. It is for a knitting lesson - I have been asked to teach a class on baby knitting and I have loads for baby girls but so little for boys!

Penguinepenguins Fri 18-Mar-16 20:36:28

I will have a look tomorrow, but I would also suggest a search on Pinterest

Pinterest is my total guilty pleasure and your find lots of lovely things there

Penguinepenguins Fri 18-Mar-16 20:37:29

I'm sure there is a pattern in one book for baby Uggs - completely adorable! And was quite easy if I remember rightly, I'm more of a sewer than a knitter I brought the books to get my mum to help me learn smile

Scoopmuckdizzy Fri 18-Mar-16 20:38:49

Have you seen the puerperium Cardigan? That's free on ravelry and pretty simple.

Flossyfloof Sat 19-Mar-16 12:06:39

Looks great but there are a lot of button holes! It is lovely though. I am providing all the materials so it might not be practical.
I am going to give it a go myself though, thank you.

KatyN Mon 21-Mar-16 16:52:17

My go-to pattern is the daisy sweater by yarn harlot(Google should spit it out!). It's really simple with raglan sleeves. There are three button holes but they are just k2tig and then yarn over.
Once they are more advanced they can easily add stripes or intarsia!'


PomBearWithAnOFRS Tue 22-Mar-16 22:31:50

There is a baby "Uggs" pattern in the "20 to Knit" baby bootees book.
You can always knit without the button holes, then just use small buttons and push them through the weave of the knitting to hold it closed, or use toggley buttons and loops of twisted/plaited thread. Or sew a zip in.

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