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I saw an ad today for a local Knitting Circle and...

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Tatties Wed 03-Jan-07 21:40:06

...well I couldn't possibly go (you know, ds still needs me in the evenings), but I would love to learn to knit. Any recommendations for a bible on how to get started from scratch?

Pruni Wed 03-Jan-07 21:42:55

Message withdrawn

Tatties Wed 03-Jan-07 22:31:35

Great, thanks Pruni, I'll look out for Stitch'n'Bitch, like the sound of it

Pruni Wed 03-Jan-07 23:05:50

Message withdrawn

SueW Thu 04-Jan-07 01:34:51

There's a new magazine out - one of those collectible series which end up being horribly expensive - but this week (month?) it's v cheap, has two balls of wool, a DVD and the magazine included. Only 99p or £1.99 I think. Sorry for lousy info but DD pointed it out whilst we were queuing in WHS today and I dismissed it as unnecessary for us!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 04-Jan-07 08:15:49

I learned from Stitch'n'Bitch - I knew how, a little bit, before, but had mostly forgotten.

Alternatively this is a good website, with lots of knitting videos.

caffeinequeen Thu 04-Jan-07 08:33:58

A friend got that knitting "partwork" thingy with the DVD - not v g. - cheapo wool has a tendency to split and woman on the DVD stupendously smug.
Apparently (and I know nothing about this so sorry if I'm wrong) the needles are a steal with the £1.99 pricetag though.

caffeinequeen Thu 04-Jan-07 08:33:58

A friend got that knitting "partwork" thingy with the DVD - not v g. - cheapo wool has a tendency to split and woman on the DVD stupendously smug.
Apparently (and I know nothing about this so sorry if I'm wrong) the needles are a steal with the £1.99 pricetag though.

Pruni Thu 04-Jan-07 08:52:58

Message withdrawn

Jimjams2 Thu 04-Jan-07 08:57:23

I've just taught myself from a book (my grandmother taught me to knit 20 odd years ago but I'd never cast on or off before, and had completely forgotten the stitches). I found the Laughing Hens website to be really good. I bought their learn to knit book, and also a knitting and crochet book from WH Smith (had some vouchers- and the knit and stitch book although I found that harder to follow). Anyway, have made ds2 a hat, and am now making ds3 a jumper. I made the hat using Big Wool and big needles (15mm) and it was really quick. Love it. Alos find I drink less when I'm knitting which is good!

If you search for Lion Brand on google you'll find lots of free patterns.

zippitippitoes Thu 04-Jan-07 09:00:55

ok I haven't knitted for ages but did make some quite nice things and quite a few never to be finished ones

but i never mastered the knitting without looking how do you do that?

my grandma was a brilliant clacky not looking knitter and i just know i could never do that

aplogoies for hijack

and the bliss books have nice patterns i bought oe last year but never used it are they any good?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 04-Jan-07 09:08:11

Knitting without looking is just a matter of practice. As you get better, you can do it all (or most of it, anyway) without looking. I don't need to look at basic knitting, but if I'm doing something complicated, I still have to look.

zippitippitoes Thu 04-Jan-07 09:09:39

i think a knitting circle would be fun if the people were nice and knitters usually are aren't they?

expatinscotland Thu 04-Jan-07 09:16:38

My MIL can knit w/o looking. And she can tell when she's duffed it up.

She said it's like when you're touch typing and you can just feel an erroneous keystroke.

junkinmytrunk Thu 04-Jan-07 09:34:47

my mom can knit without looking and always has done but now that shes lost her sight it doesn't really make any difference anyway!

and shes still a far better knitter than me without her sight!

tamum Thu 04-Jan-07 09:40:19

I only look at my knitting if I'm doing cables or something, but it is just something that comes with time really. I agree about SnB being a good book to start with, and those Knitting at Knoon videos are fantastically good, I think.

Jimjams, I'm impressed

Zippi, you're right, knitters are all lovely. Well, not necessarily, but it's nice to think so!

Tatties Thu 04-Jan-07 11:47:36

Oh excellent! Loads of great ideas.

Well I did learn to knit as a child but I doubt I can remember anything useful...

Pruni no I am not Scottish but dp is and we used to live in Edinburgh. Does that count? Live nowhere near now though, I do miss it sometimes

tamum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:12:00

Well Tatties, if you ever come back to visit you can join Pruni's and my very select knitting group

Blandmum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:14:32

Ohh, can I join????

I can knit. I was a real Kaif Fasset (sp?) addict in my late teens.

tamum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:19:47

Oh yes please, we'd love you to join You can stand me up again

Blandmum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:21:29

slip you and drop one, I think you mean! :D

I havenm't done any knitting since the kids were babies.

tamum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:28:25

I really hesitate to suggest this as it sounds so trivial compared to what you're facing, but I do find knitting is quite soothing when you're stressed. I'd be more than happy to get you some stuff to inspire you if you like

Blandmum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:31:00

I am currently 'hooking' a rug with of her xmas gifts and it is very soothing. Once that is finished I am part way through cross rtitching a rug, which will also be 'helpful'.

Keeping busy is the key, I've taken on some authoring work for the specialist schools trust, and am lining up a Masters in Education (with a possible view to a doctorate).

In the end I will want lots to do n the evenings when the kids go to bed so I don't get morose.

Oh and I've been asked to audition for a local choir.

tamum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:33:15

Blimey, well done. I'm seriously impressed, but trying not to fawn, you know. My mum did an MEd, and then a PhD, but she changed fields for the PhD. She got a lot out of the MEd though, I know.

Blandmum Thu 04-Jan-07 13:37:23

well, it is all in the pipeline.

I've started the authoring stuff. I have to 'present' at Warwick Uni in March, but I have done the work.

Helps to keep my mind occupied.

The MEd wouldn't start until Oct, and I'd do it part time with the OU. The school will fund me, i think.

If I do go for the Phd, I might link up with my old dphil supervisor, as I'm working with her atm in trying to set up an online test to identify (dare I say it) G and T students. It could develop into a nice little research project.

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