I've just bought a sewing machine...now what?!

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tryhard Sat 20-Feb-16 20:55:00

Got a bargain via eBay. I wanted it to do things like repair clothes, make simple ribbons for my little girls' hair out of scraps of material. But I have never, ever used a sewing machine, it's completely alien to me. How do I learn the basics?! I'd really love to join a local crafting group as well, are there any online forums for finding groups like this?

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Hero1callylost Sat 20-Feb-16 21:00:39

Did it come with a manual? If not you might be able to google one.

Start with learning how to thread it and wind a bobbin. Then straight stitch on scrap fabric to get your tension right.

Lots of craft shops do workshops eg make a project like a cushion cover or dressmaking with a tutor to show you what to do, so worth looking around in your local area.

Get on Pinterest too, loads of great ideas and tutorials available online.

helsuki Sat 20-Feb-16 21:04:20

I love my sewing machine!! I started by doing a workshop in a local sewing shop a few year ago and have definitely got the bug now.

There are lots of books which teach you how to sew.

I have also found YouTube to be great. There are so many tutorials on there.

As suggested, lots of people start with a cushion so you could search for how to make a cushion on YouTube. Good luck!

SunnyL Sat 20-Feb-16 21:06:53

I second YouTube. There are some great magazines that come with free patterns and tutorials as well. Have a look in the large magazine racks at the supermarket.

Also the great British sewing bee books are meant to be great for beginners

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