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Here is some of my jewellery...

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Dior Wed 27-Dec-06 15:45:14

Message withdrawn

danceswithreindeer Wed 27-Dec-06 15:48:48

Do you have to join this group to see the pic?

Dior Wed 27-Dec-06 15:50:26

Message withdrawn

danceswithreindeer Wed 27-Dec-06 18:19:44


Blondilocks Wed 27-Dec-06 18:26:22

really pretty

binker Wed 27-Dec-06 18:30:26

pretty !

Whizzz Fri 29-Dec-06 17:17:27

Very nice Dior - damn, I have competition now

Dior Fri 29-Dec-06 21:24:35

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Fri 29-Dec-06 21:36:20

Hiya Dior (I have actually just come back from your neck of the woods actually !!) I'll email you

Dior Fri 29-Dec-06 21:37:14

Message withdrawn

kiwibella Fri 05-Jan-07 21:31:12

ladies... can either of you recommend any online stores for beads? Dd has been staying with her aunt (in NZ) who has really got her hooked - she's asked me to organise her a stall at Greenwich Market when she gets home!!! We're going to start small .

Whizzz Fri 05-Jan-07 21:36:01

I have used but I'm still on the look out for other suppliers

Dior Sun 07-Jan-07 20:29:23

Message withdrawn

jillandbea Mon 08-Jan-07 14:08:20

I tend to use Jillybeads too but have also used Julesgems but found there website diffcult to navigate around. There are lots of bead websites listed in the crafts beautiful supplier book that was free with the magazine this month.

Dingle Mon 08-Jan-07 14:49:53

Lovely Whizzz......I would love to see one of your necklace being long are the Whizzz?

I have still not really moved on much in my beading, made my first bracelets just before Xmas...very simple memory wire ones. I have got a few more findings and beads,,,justnot had the time to play!!

I tend to stick to Jilly Beads too...have used Little Beader a few times too..have a nice collection of sites in my favs now!

Whizzz Mon 08-Jan-07 14:59:46

Hi Dingle
The 'standard' length is 65-70cm & I have made a few double length ones 130-140cm that go once round your neck before tieing - have look on one of the other threads for more pics of my stuff. Hopefully I want to get some sort of website of pics set up so people can see properly (its still only a hobby realy though)

Dingle Mon 08-Jan-07 15:02:52

LOL....months ago I got myself a domain name Whizzz.........that's as far as I 've got.

To get a site up and running is one of this years "aims!"

Good luck with it honey......I really don't know where to go or what to do with myself now I am a "lady of leisure!!!"

Dior Mon 08-Jan-07 19:16:46

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Mon 08-Jan-07 19:34:57

OO - nice Dior! Very pretty

Dingle Mon 08-Jan-07 20:09:00

Very pretty Dior!!Love the colours in that necklace.

Dior Mon 08-Jan-07 21:12:30

Message withdrawn

jillandbea Tue 09-Jan-07 21:07:12

I am not sure if it needs to be fire retardant but my mother in law offered to make a lampshade out of some standard material I had so I don't think it needs to be. Also some lampshades are made of paper which definately isnt fire retardent.

Dior Tue 09-Jan-07 21:19:20

Message withdrawn

wurlywurly Wed 10-Jan-07 14:18:50

ooh dior love the bracelet, do you sell them???

Dior Wed 10-Jan-07 14:28:26

Message withdrawn

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