Fused glass

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Floowho Tue 02-Feb-16 17:47:12

I know this is a specialised hobby as you need to go to a class or have a kiln, but anyone else out there do this?

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KatyN Wed 03-Feb-16 16:01:21

I went to a stained glass night school where I made leaded glass. We could also fuse glass in the kiln. It was a specialised kiln for glass. The class was held in a local art school.. It is not the cheapest hobby to get into either!!!

Floowho Wed 03-Feb-16 16:51:04

I've done a few classes, and I love it. Just wondered if anyone else does too.

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MrsBungle50 Wed 23-Mar-16 19:45:48

Yes me! I've just found your old thread as I was wondering if there are any MN fusers out there myself. I found a kiln on Ebay a few months ago and have been having a go. Not done a course but been muddling through with books, you tube, glass websites etc. Just prepared a few pieces to fire tomorrow, its all a bit hit and miss but i'm enjoying it. Ive done stained glass for about 12 years but fusing is a new adventure. Hope you've managed to keep going with it yourself.

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