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Scrap wool crochet blanket colour scheme, help me please

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itallsucks Sat 30-Jan-16 18:43:54

I'm crocheting little hexagons out of my scrap wool, they are only 4 rounds of htr (usa hdc) but I'm aiming to sew them together to make a blanket. So far I've made 72 of them and have got to the point where I would like to start joining them but I'm really stuck on the best way to do this colour wise, at the moment I have...
Blue (3 different shades)
Green (2 different shades)
Grey (2 different shades)
And 4 different multicoloured

This is an on going project so I can't even predict what other colours I'll eventually end up with or how many of each colour.

I have thought about holding off the sewing together until I have hexagons coming out of my ears but the thought of joining so many together in one go is depressing.

I've thought of having alternating rows of multicoloured and solid coloured or just having a "pot luck" but the problems with both is I don't know what wool I'll be using on future projects so can't guarantee a) I'll have enough multi/solid coloured to even it out, b) having clusters of the same colour.

What would you all do? Half of me is thinking just join them, what will be will be and the other half is thinking there has to be a colour scheme to some degree.

Akire Sat 30-Jan-16 18:46:20

I've seen it done with just one colour. If you mattress stitch them from the back you don't see much but when you turn it around the wrong way at least it will look more pulled together.

Personally I'd pick my favorite and then crochet a boarder of that colour to bring it all together. You are right joining them is total pain in back side!

RiaOverTheRainbow Sat 30-Jan-16 18:58:43

What I might do is diagonal or horizontal stripes in shades of each colour, eg reds then blues then pinks. You could sew the hexagons into stripes as you go. You could have a stripe multicoloured hexs, or keep them for the corners.

itallsucks Sat 30-Jan-16 19:27:25

For the joining I was thinking of using mattress stitch and white and then when finally done use white for a reverse sc border, I always seem to have an endless supply of white wool so wouldn't need to buy specifically for this.

Diagonal stripes sound like a good idea, if I do it that way then I think I might be able to get away with only buying one ball of wool for the central stripe, the majority of the colours listed are colours I will probably use again at some point and those that I won't (the orange) can be used for the shorter stripes at the ends.

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