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Colour challenge

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strawberrychewits Sat 09-Jan-16 16:13:28

I would like to crochet a stripey blanket for my sitting room. I have attached a photo of my curtains which, along with the matching cushions, are the only colour in there. I don't really want to stick to just red and grey but I have no idea what colour might compliment!
Any ideas?
Thanks very much

AnthonyPandy Sat 09-Jan-16 16:55:14

I always think it's not so much the colours but the toning you need to get right. So it's not red, gold and grey, but muted colours, anything will look ok as long as it is muted.

AnthonyPandy Sat 09-Jan-16 17:00:15

For example your post is purple and mine is green, they both look good with your photo because they are the right tone.

strawberrychewits Sun 10-Jan-16 08:32:54

Thanks very much, that does make it easier!

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