Best glue for cardboard construction...??

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FusionChefGeoff Thu 07-Jan-16 13:43:06

Gamely tried to build a rocket yesterday using a huge box and various other cardboard tubes / plastic pots etc - all very blue peter and so far we've just done painting of the bits.

However, tomorrow I will be expected to help assemble this and the pva and Priti stick won't stand a chance.

Any recommendations??

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ChrissyEighty Thu 07-Jan-16 14:51:57

I would use my hot melt glue gun.
+Sets solid in about 20s
+Fills small gaps
+Strong mechanical bond to most materials.

CraftyMissus Thu 07-Jan-16 15:00:41

PVA glue (generous amounts) and masking tape. Glue guns don't always hold cardboard that well if you're joining edges to each other. They might be okay if you're just stacking boxes that have bases to boxes that have full tops.

TrionicLettuce Thu 07-Jan-16 15:06:28

Hobbycraft Tacky Glue is brilliant for cardboard constructions. I use it for doing pepakura with cardboard and the stuff I build is amazingly sturdy and holds together no problem.

wonkylegs Thu 07-Jan-16 15:11:31

When I was at uni and had to make lots and lots of models out of card/plastic/wood/metal, we used to use UHU all purpose adhesive. Always worked well, dries quickly & clear and is strong. You can buy it in most stationary places.

PitBlackwell Sat 09-Jan-16 01:29:10

I'd use a hot glue gun too.

These are good though, for future projects :

BlueChampagne Mon 25-Jan-16 16:04:25


Vehiclestuff Thu 19-Mar-20 13:13:52

For this work, I suggested an Aleene’s original tacky glue. This is especially used to stick cardboard. With the help of it, you can make your structure in no time.

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