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Need advice on sewing woven fabric and knits together

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FuckOffJeffrey Wed 06-Jan-16 00:30:58

I need some advice from someone who knows how to sew.

I have an idea for a top that would require me to add a cotton woven cuff to a jersey knit short sleeve. (Basically to a t shirt with a cuff to match the skirt I've just made for DD). I think I've worked out how to do it but I'm not sure which type of needle to use.

I use a ballpoint needle for knits and a standard needle for woven. If I mix the two I'm thinking I would need to use a standard needle as the ballpoint might not catch the woven fabric. If this is the case then should I adjust my stitch length to compensate for the stretch on the jersey knit fabric?

I plan to zig zag each fabric edge individually before joining together with a straight stitch and then top stitch to secure. Does that sound about right? - I'm fairly new to sewing and self taught (with the help of pintrest and you tube). The fabric I'm using on the cuff is a large scrap so I don't have enough spare to redo it all if I mess up.

KatyN Tue 12-Jan-16 07:46:02

I would try and ballpoint needle as a standard needle may rip the knit fabric. There is no point sewing with a stretch stitch as you would normally for a knit as the woven fabric won't stretch.

SilverHawk Mon 18-Jan-16 20:56:36

You have probably already done your sewing. If so, how did it go?
The only thing that I would add, is to match the weight of the fabric.
For example, a thick ponte knit would be fine with a light tweed.
You are saying T shirt weight of knit, definitely use a ballpoint needle.

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