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Anyone fancy a colour challenge?

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Porcupinepantaloons Tue 05-Jan-16 21:37:44

I am going to make a blanket for SIL's baby (due in spring)

I want to use the four seasons chevron pattern by crochet objet (see pic)

SIL is painting the nursery grey, and hasn't given me anything more to go on than 'muted colours, maybe greys and white'


I'd like to use stylecraft special as I know it washes and wears well.

LittleLostRoeDeer Tue 05-Jan-16 21:45:44

Have a look on the Purl Bee / Purl Soho blog. They've got loads of very stylish colour combinations in muted shades, usually with one bright unusual colour thrown in.

Have they found out what they're having, or are they the kind of parents who wouldn't care anyway? My suggested colour combo would be shades of grey with one lime green or mustard yellow stripe.

Porcupinepantaloons Tue 05-Jan-16 22:00:19

They're not finding out the gender. And are probably quite 'traditional' about girl colours and boy colours iyswim.

Porcupinepantaloons Tue 05-Jan-16 22:02:08

This is my current best effort

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 06-Jan-16 00:59:43

I did a friend a baby blanket in harlequin stitch and used charcoal, pale grey and lemon (in Drops merino rather than Stylecraft) and it looked lovely - even if I say so myself grin

I find the cream Stylecraft works better with the brown palette - it is a bit yellowy for my taste. The sage green is lovely and I wonder if that would work with a grey/lemon palette?

But what do I know! I've got a thread here asking for colour help too smile

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 08:21:00

Parma Violet is a lovely muted colour and it looks lovely with the Silver. I don't know if this is too girly though. Duck Egg also looks good with Silver but might be too boy blue!

Parchment is a good alternative to cream for a more beige cream rather than a yellow one.

I think the Granite in your selection is very dark and I think you would have to use it sparingly to stop it overpowering the rest.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 08:27:24

Pistachio is worth a look. I think it would go well with greys in place of the Lemon and make a less pastel pallette.

I might get out my extensive Stylecraft selection later and play with it smile

I'm currently using Silver, Parma Violet, Duck Egg, Storm Blue, Sage and Parchment in a big round blanket, a colour scheme I've had in my head since I got the Parma Violet.

Porcupinepantaloons Wed 06-Jan-16 14:02:43

I've gone yarn and colour blind! confused

I've looked and looked and can't see for looking anymore!

I take the point about the cream- but is the white too bright and harsh?

Maybe I should look at other brands of yarn - they might have colours that fit better?

MummySparkle Wed 06-Jan-16 14:12:05

How about this selection? Got a dark mid and light grey, then a dark mid and light muted brown.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:15:22

There's nothing wrong with the cream really - it does depend on what shade you're after. I agree that white is tricky as it can be too bright but it might be OK.

I couldn't find my white Stylecraft but the cotton I put in looks completely wrong. Cream looks fine. I subbed the lemon for the Lime which I quite like. It has a. Better depth of colour than the lemon which I think is too "meh" with the strong greys.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:18:54

I could spend hours messing about with colour schemes. Sometimes they are right straight away, other times they are never quite right. smile

Porcupinepantaloons Wed 06-Jan-16 14:21:32

Maybe this?
White and silver on either side of each colour stripes?

Porcupinepantaloons Wed 06-Jan-16 14:25:19

mummysparkle - I like that and it's very sophisticated but a bit too grown up for a baby?

soupy thanks for looking! I like your colours but they're very blue, which then won't be right for a girl (not in my eyes - just traditional ILs who used to shudder when dd wore ds's cast offs as a baby!)

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:26:22

They are your colours! No blue.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:26:58

The colour representation in the photo is wrong.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:31:55

These are taken with phone rather than iPad...

Porcupinepantaloons Wed 06-Jan-16 14:40:17

You are definitely right about the granite. Too dark for a block of colour.

I think I like my newer colour scheme best so far.... But I am still not 100%.

I wish I had a decent yarn shop near here!

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jan-16 14:42:05

The granite/graphite is also very similar to the grey.

It's really difficult to do on screen. You're right, you need a good yarn shop!

Tate15 Thu 07-Jan-16 20:22:28

Have a play around on here

Porcupinepantaloons Thu 07-Jan-16 20:47:57

I LOVE that stripe generator! grin

I've used it before and it's fab!

Porcupinepantaloons Thu 07-Jan-16 20:48:14

Still stuck on colours tho...

PolterGoose Fri 08-Jan-16 08:30:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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