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Christmas Decorations

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Theknitwitch Sun 13-Dec-15 23:07:09

Hi. Has anyone made any Christmas decorations this year.
Each year I say I'm going to, but then run out of time!
Anyone managed it, if you did, what did you make?

TheHouseOnTheLane Sun 13-Dec-15 23:26:36

I got some nice old preserve jars and some Christmas decals and made some nice candle holders. Put the decal on the jar and then added a ribbon and some small baubles on the rim of the jar. It's very cute. Might do a natural one next with string round the top and some greenery!

CremeBrulee Sun 13-Dec-15 23:34:29

Today the DC and I have had great times making paper chains and then decorating them with other paper decorations. We have hung origami candy canes, woven hearts and paper stars in the paper chains and are now feeling suitably festive!

I've also been making some beaded cross stitch tree decorations and have just finished a cross stitch Christmas reindeer design that I'll be making into a cushion in the next few days. grin

IrritableBitchSyndrome Sun 13-Dec-15 23:41:10

Made various felt things after a few years procrastinating! Look up 'no sew poinsetta felt' if you want a quick and simple thing. They came out really well and were quick and easy. Even DH liked them and he really struggles to understand the point of such things!

IrritableBitchSyndrome Sun 13-Dec-15 23:42:27

Ahah! Found link.

IrritableBitchSyndrome Sun 13-Dec-15 23:43:35

CremeBrulee - do you have any pictures? Sounds great!

CremeBrulee Mon 14-Dec-15 18:30:38

Well you asked!

Here's the cushion cover, the tree decs and a hanging ornament I made a couple of weeks ago.

CremeBrulee Mon 14-Dec-15 18:32:09

And here's the paper chain with candy canes, angels & hearts.

Plus a Santa Stop Here door hanger I made for DS

IrritableBitchSyndrome Mon 14-Dec-15 23:42:53

CremeBrulee.... woooooowwwwwww.... I'm a bit speechless at your awesome creations. V v impressed.

CremeBrulee Mon 14-Dec-15 23:49:29

I've been quite ill with a chest infection and cross stitching has kept me sane for the last few weeks. blush

Actually a bit twitchy as I finished the cushion cover and don't know what to stitch next. Thinking about trying a Harry Potter themed piece, maybe a doe with 'always' underneath for DD but haven't found a pattern I like.

anyoldname76 Mon 21-Dec-15 20:36:41

ive made quite a few things, christmas tissue box covers, candy cane covers, crochet photo baubles, beaded baubles and crochet wreaths, as well as a christmas tree garland and stocking fsmile

chemenger Wed 23-Dec-15 15:55:20

Crochet snowflakes are new this year.

NorksAreMessy Wed 23-Dec-15 20:12:35

Made a sassy fairy for the top of the tree with a lovely tutor

NorksAreMessy Wed 23-Dec-15 20:15:36


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