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Double sided/reversible knitting

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CantSee4Looking Sun 13-Dec-15 15:53:19

Has anyone tried double sided/ reversible knitting?

By this i mean where you cast on double the number of stitches and have the 2 colour of the pattern worked such that you are knitting alternate stitches in each colour so that you are sort of knitting a bag/tube and then just switching the colour when the pattern is being knitted so the reverse side is the opposite to the front.

I have found a 2 colour pattern that I want to work up in a blanket but the back side would be loopy and a bit prone to being caught and was contemplating this approach. Advice from more experienced knitters/crafters would be appreciated as to whether this would work.


FrogLover Mon 14-Dec-15 16:16:35


I've done this and it is great for a blanket but remember that it takes twice as long because you have to work twice the number of stitches.

Also, remember that the colours will be reversed on the "back" (technically it is possible to have them the same but I think my head would have exploded if I had tried) so make sure that your pattern will work in both colourways.

I found some really great tutorials on YouTube to get started, especially the Planet Purl ones.

If you are a confident knitter and are comfortable following a grid pattern, I'd say go for it (but swatch first)!

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