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ilovetosleep Thu 10-Dec-15 14:07:38

I'verexently started on a quilt, first time ever, using a layer cake. I stsrted seeing together half square triangles by drawing a diagonal line, sewing two squares together either side of the line and then cutting the line. But then I decided I didn't like the result, the triangles were too big for the prints, so I unpicked them all. So I have half a layer cake as it came and half a layer cake cut into half square triangles. I still want to use triangles but maybe half the size. Am I right in thinking if I it the triangles in half they would still be half square triangles but 5" rather than 10? Should I cut all the remaining layer cake squares in half so I'm starting with them all identical, of is there a short cut I can use to join the half squares to the. Squares? Sorry this is so daft and probably totally obvious. Thanks in advance!

Feckthis Tue 29-Dec-15 23:59:00


YeOldeTrout Wed 30-Dec-15 00:09:34

why oh why did you cut the squares in half...
I want to lie down in a dark room reading this.

if you cut the remainder in half then at least you'll have consistent sizing... maybe.

I half wondered if you could salvage a carpenter's star out of what remains, but you'd still have to sit with ruler & paper to calculate out all the dimensions. Are you using a 1/4 inch seam?

I need a pic of the 5" triangles to check I know exactly what shape they are.

ilovetosleep Thu 31-Dec-15 10:15:21

Oh god is it that bad?! Maybe quilting a not for me. Can't post today but will be back tomorrow with photos!

YeOldeTrout Thu 31-Dec-15 12:58:46

Only bad because you've complicated things, that's all I meant. Layer cake quilts are supposed to be simple (not too much brain power) to make.

Looking forward to seeing pictures.

RNBrie Thu 31-Dec-15 13:05:27

The op hasn't cut the triangle in half yet (if I've read that right) she's just cut half of the layer cake into triangles so they're 10" sides still.

What pattern were you following op? Is it on line, can we see it?

Why didn't you like the larger triangles, is your fabric really small print? This isn't a disaster op, my first quilt took 7 years (ha!) but I do them in a couple of weeks now! The first one is the hardest!!

ilovetosleep Fri 08-Jan-16 14:19:01

Oh I forgot about this! If anyone is still around to advise, here are some photos! Basically I was not really following a pattern just cobbling together a few things I had seen on pinterest. I started with 40 layer cake squares and 40 squares that I cut from off white fabric. I was going to do some kind of star or chevron type pattern but with the 10" side triangles it all seemed too white. After stitching together and cutting the half sq triangles with about 14 of the layer cake squares, this is what I am left with- 26 layer cake squares, 26 white squares and 28 of each hats. Yes, I feel the patterns are too small for the size hence considering cutting them in half again, and I'm thinking I might leave out the off white altogether...

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