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patchwork quilt advice

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Reiltin Thu 03-Dec-15 12:36:50

I have a bunch of old tshirts that I want to make into a patchwork quilt. I've looked online for instructions but they're all different and nothing seems quite right. Can anyone suggest a tutorial or such that they've used and found good? Thanks!

Hornydilemma Thu 03-Dec-15 12:40:59

I don't have a particular tutorial but if you are on Pinterest, search "T Shirt quilts" and you should get lots of links.

Also I'd search "sewing with jersey" for techniques to handle t shirt fabric.

nuttybananas Thu 03-Dec-15 12:56:45

I didn't use a single tutorial but there were lots of good you tube clips for different elements of the construction. My tips after making one from babygros and vests are:
Use interfacing to give the jersey material some structure
Try to do your squares as you go - easy to underestimate time needed for simple cutting out
Buy a rotary cutter and plastic square in the size you want
Don't use a patterned fabric for the edging and plain for the backing (should have done it the other way round)
I used a cheap fleece blanket rather than the proper wadding.
For my first attempt I just did simple 'stitch in the ditch' quilt pattern rather than trying to do something more clever/pretty.

nuttybananas Thu 03-Dec-15 13:01:08

Oh and if your pattern is going to be random then handy to be able to lay out the squares on a spare bed so you can come back to it each day and make swaps and adjustments till you're 100% happy with the layout

FredaMayor Thu 03-Dec-15 13:32:52

If you have any left over afterwards just worth mentioning I decorated a fleece throw using t-shirt jersey cut into bias strips (there are plenty of youtube videos on how to do it) appliquéd by machine and hand. You can do any design that takes your fancy and the effect improved with age. DC now has it at uni and it's much admired.

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