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Any 3/4 sewing machine recommendation?

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BlumminNora Tue 24-Nov-15 21:29:52

DD (8) is desperate to ask Father Christmas for her own sewing machine.
She's ok-ish on my machine with a bit of supervision so I think the 'mini' machines out there would be too basic for her.
As she's a weedy little thing, I'm thinking a full size one would be too cumbersome and, more importantly, too heavy for her to get out without help.

There seems to be quite a few good value 3/4 machines in America but frustratingly none seem readily availably in the UK. Father Christmas is looking at spending under £100 is possible wink

Does anyone have any recommendations?
Thanks a million!

BlumminNora Wed 25-Nov-15 21:41:29

Cheeky bump smile

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 25-Nov-15 23:27:30

I don't have one, but the john lewis ones are supposed to be good

KatyN Thu 26-Nov-15 21:57:46

A Jl mini machine is about £50 and I think fine for anything except upholstery!!
Or their full size machine looks good too. Modern machines aren't that heavy.. Not like the olden days so she may well be fine setting it up herself.

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