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Would anyone embroider a design in their machine, pretty please?

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BunchOfCunts Fri 13-Nov-15 20:17:45

BF lost a beloved hat that I can't, for love nor money, find a replacement for.
It's just a black knitted beanie with a bit of embroidery on the front of the turn up bit <technical>

I have the image that I want on the front, and a photo of him wearing it.
Would someone with an embroidery machine be able to work some magic (I'll supply the hat, of course) and make a replica?

I could return the favour by creating a little crochet critter of your choice.

I would be eternally grateful and he would be absolutely made up if I could give it as a Christmas gift.

Honestly, I'd love you forever <smooch> <plead> <shameless>

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