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simple sock pattern

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Nearlycaughtawoozle Tue 03-Nov-15 10:29:45

Despite knitting for many years, I have never knitted socks and would like to knit a pair for DD as a Xmas present. Does anyone have a simple and reliable pattern they could share or link? She has largish feet (size 8) so I did wonder if I'd be better off with a man's pattern.

uglyswan Wed 04-Nov-15 22:35:54

Are you on Ravelry, OP (if not, why the hell notshock)? Check out Glenna C.'s pattern here:
It's very clearly written and it's the first successful sock I ever made, and as it's all rib, it's quite stretchy and adaptable, so you don't need to worry about the width. Just borrow one of your DD's favourite socks and base the foot length of your sock on that.

Nearlycaughtawoozle Wed 04-Nov-15 22:46:17

That looks perfect - thank you grin

PolterGoose Thu 05-Nov-15 10:10:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peach1886 Thu 05-Nov-15 10:14:17

Newbie knitter here, wanting to make pfb a christmas stocking...I will have a go at this one rather than all the "easy" patterns in a lovely book I bought ! Thank you woozle and swan cake

Nearlycaughtawoozle Thu 05-Nov-15 16:16:33

Thanks for the advice polter

MeolsCop Thu 05-Nov-15 17:13:37

I've knitted lots of socks and only ever used the free pattern you can get with Regia yarns. Keep thinking I must try something a bit more adventurous, but frankly you can't do much better for a simple sock. They have (or had) the patterns in John Lewis and I don't think you even need to buy the yarn, just pick up the leaflet.

It's also on Ravelry, if you have an account. Just look for free Regia 4-ply sock.

Hereslookingatchoo Sun 15-Nov-15 13:25:57

I may be out of date on this but if you go to the blog Winwick Mum she did a sockalong on her blog and takes you through step by step on every type of needle from cuff to toe. It's how I learned. I've even bought her book now!

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