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Knitting suggestions please

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Kuriusoranj Sun 01-Nov-15 09:47:27

I can do very basic knitting and I was starting to get into it when we upped and moved to the sort of country where wool will never be needed! I've just rediscovered a heap of yarn and needles and I'm thinking I may knit something for my niece in the UK for Christmas.

Can anyone help with suggestions for the following criteria?:
- She'll be 4, almost 5
- she's very very non-girly, thinks princesses are ridiculous and lives in leggings and t-shirts
- she loves cuddly toys and has a mountain of them
- I have a selection of standard knitting needles 3 1/4 mm up to 10 mm
- I have 4 x 25g Sidar Snowflake in a lovely multi-pastel, plus 8 x 50g Sidar Big Softie in a cream and a handful of pale purple cashmere (I was going to use that in a lovely blanket for my best friend's baby. Said baby is 12 next birthday!)
- I don't live in the sort of place where it's easy to get knitting patterns, so anything I use has to be come from online, although I don't mind paying for a pattern of course, if it's recommended
- I'm really really basic. Knit one, pearl one, yada yada yada

I'm not going to buy any more wool or anything, but I wouldn't mind any accessories/finishings. Worst case, I'll knit her a huge scarf. Or run out of interest and order something off Amazon - but at the moment I'm up for having a go at something.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 01-Nov-15 10:12:40

Is the Snowflake the DK version or the chunky version? Sirdar do soft toy patterns but I think they are DK yarn only. They are made in stocking or garter stitch but a fair bit of shaping and sewing up. They are on the Sirdar website if you want to look at the picture but I'm not sure if they are available to purchase online. Could someone buy you a copy then scan it and email you the instructions?

Kuriusoranj Sun 01-Nov-15 10:36:58

Ooooh, I didn't know such a thing existed. Just checked the label and it says chunky, and the cream one says super chunky.

I was looking on the Sirdar site earlier and now I think the leaflets did all say DK, so I guess they're out. Just looked on Wikipedia for the definitions - do you think I'll be best with a blanket/scarf kind of thing for this yarn then? What do you reckon to a hot water bottle cover or something?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 01-Nov-15 10:44:43

I think a hat/scarf/mitten set would be fab

there's loads of patterns online just google, don't be put off by cables or anything....ALL knitting is just K and P really

florentina1 Sun 01-Nov-15 12:11:41

How about a poncho. You just knit 4 squares and stitch them together.

FlumptyDumpty Sun 01-Nov-15 12:29:59

Join for loads of patterns, photos of finished objects and forums to get help with patterns. It's free.

tribpot Sun 01-Nov-15 12:39:06

Yes, Ravelry is where you will find everything you need, including many tens of thousands of patterns to buy if you wish!

You don't have a lot of yarn for making a sweater or anything, there's only about 45m to a ball of that Big Softie. This cardigan came up as a suggestion for the yarn on Rav and so did this one.

Kuriusoranj Sun 01-Nov-15 22:54:41

Thanks all, will have a look at Ravelry before my enthusiasm wears off!

HeyMacWey Sun 01-Nov-15 22:57:52

The owl hat is lovely - its on ravelry -will try and link when not on crap phone

HeyMacWey Sun 01-Nov-15 22:59:57

Although won't be any good for the wool you have.
Will link anyway for future reference

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