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soloula Fri 30-Oct-15 18:21:56

DH has suggested getting me some knitting stuff for Christmas since I've been enjoying getting back into knitting a few months ago. I'm a bit clueless about what to get though as I'm only just advancing from knitting a few basic hats and cardis for DD2 who was born a few weeks ago.

I've seen a nice bag for knitting stuff on Amazon that would be good for keeping all my bits and pieces together but I don't really know what else to get. I have a set of bamboo circular needles that I've been using and I bought some stitch holders for a cardi I'm doing just now but that's about the extent of my knitting bits and pieces.

So I'm wondering what would be useful for any other projects I might try so that I have stuff to hand rather when I need. I'd like to give cabling a go - what type of needles are best for this? I've only been doing baby projects but would like to try something for myself so might need bigger needles than my wee circular ones - are there any good sets of straight needles that I could get so I have a wee collection ready to dip into should I need it?

Anything else you could suggest would be great as I don't really know enough about knitting to know what would be good/useful. smile

Wolfiefan Fri 30-Oct-15 18:23:41

I have a wish list! I'd like a knitting bag and needle holder for when I'm out and about. More sock wool! A ball of wool holder thingy so I can avoid getting tangled.

mercifulTehlu Fri 30-Oct-15 18:27:10

Tape measure, row counters, stitch markers, stitch holders, a yarn holder, a blocking mat and pins, some lovely yarn, a nice pattern book. Lots of things!

PigeonPie Fri 30-Oct-15 18:30:42

I have rather a lot of circular needles, but I've decided I really want these Knitpro needles There are loads of them and the circular ones are interchangeable with different length cables.

They're also beautiful!

Footle Fri 30-Oct-15 19:28:58

All you need for knitting cable stitches is your normal needles plus one short double-ended needle roughly the same diameter ( needle-size, ie millimetre measurement ) for holding the stitches you're going to cable.
I'd definitely choose a full set ( not starter set, if you can afford more ) of interchangeable needles like the one the PP has linked to. You can use them for flat knitting as well as circular knitting. I prefer metal needles as the wooden ones can be a bit sticky with some yarns. But some knitters prefer the feeling of wooden ones.

Footle Fri 30-Oct-15 19:33:56

And if you join Ravelry, you won't need to spend loads on pattern books with only one pattern you're ever going to use ! Loads of Ravelry patterns are free to download and print. If you decide to spend money on a special one, you can look at the feedback from people who've knitted it before you decide.

MooseBeTimeForSummer Fri 30-Oct-15 19:41:51

I have a KnitPicks interchangeable set, very similar to the PP. I prefer wood needles. The scratchy noise from aluminium needles rubbing against each other makes my teeth itch!

Stitch counter, markers, cable needles, big storage box for your impending huge yarn stash, folder for patterns

PolterGoose Fri 30-Oct-15 20:06:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lavendersun Sat 31-Oct-15 05:48:33

I don't knit a lot but I do weave. Thanks to a thread on here I bought a nostepinne and a sunflower swift. I love them both, much nicer than using two chairs and standing up to wind balls of wool.

I have a set of knitpro wooden circular needles they are great, they sell a set of three cable needles too. I love the feel of the wood in my hands.

Horrid rainy day here yesterday and I sat and wound some wool. DD managed to fit several lego figures on the end of each arm of the swift which whirled round and round for an hour ...... so family entertainment value too!

Baconyum Sat 31-Oct-15 05:50:17

I'd love someone to teach me how to follow a pattern and knit properly. Can only do squares sad

lavendersun Sat 31-Oct-15 05:54:02

Bacony - you can do it if you can knit squares! Join Revelry, look for a free easy pattern, ask on here, look at youtube. I would go for something small to begin with, a waistcoat etc.

We went away last week and when I was downloading ebooks from the library I noticed that they had tons of knitting e-books, including beginner books.

PigeonPie Sat 31-Oct-15 16:13:43

I've decided I'm going to add this to my wishlist in the hope that DH sees it!

Baconyum Sat 31-Oct-15 21:45:31

I've tried books to no avail I'll try revelry. And YouTube as I think it's easier if you can see it working?

Nearlycaughtawoozle Sat 31-Oct-15 22:00:46

I've just bought some hiya hiya interchangeable needles - lovely to knit with.

I'd like a knitting bag or maybe some expensive wool from Blacker Yarns

mercifulTehlu Sun 01-Nov-15 08:55:39

Baconyum - I'm entirely self-taught. I started about 5 years ago, unable to knit a single stitch and have now done jumpers, including fair isle! I used mostly YouTube etc at first. There are lots of other knitting websites around, and Ravelry is brilliant for patterns.

Callmecordelia Sun 01-Nov-15 09:02:36

Yy, a lovely set of interchangeables would be a fab present. They are so much better than straights. Lighter in your hands, the possibility of jumpers and cardigans that are entirely seamless...

I would think about what sort of needles you use now - do you like the way the bamboo feels? Or are you worried they might snap? I have a set of wooden Dreamz needles, and some symfonie ones, but I always come back to my metal Novas in the end. Also, if you get a knit pro set, buy a needle guage. The writing wears off the wood, and there are no size indicators on the metal ones at all.

soloula Sun 01-Nov-15 11:10:23

Some fab ideas here - thank you! I love the idea of interchangeable needles - haven't heard of them before! Think I'd prefer metal ones as I find my wooden ones a bit sticky so something like the hiya hiya ones would be great. Nice scissors, stitch markers and things are a great idea too thanks smile

Baconyum - I've learned loads from youtube. Books and Web pages are good but don't compare to being able to actually see the technique being done in front of you.

Footle Sun 01-Nov-15 11:40:59

Yes, go for HiyaHiya. I'm not too happy with my aluminium Knitpros since one of them let me down badly during a circular row with 500+ stitches. In fact I trust my good old Addi fixed ( non-interchangeable ) circulars most of all. Has anyone got any feedback on HiyaHiya ? I've heard they are reliable. Or is that another thread ?

Callmecordelia Sun 01-Nov-15 12:00:17

I love my Novas, but I've heard great things about the Hiya Hiyas. Tbh, if I could afford another set I'd probably buy them. But then I'm a needle addict.

Have you thought about getting a some crochet hooks too OP? Nothing better for fixing knitting mistakes and dropped stitches than a crochet hook and it opens up even more yarny stuff

JoffreyBaratheon Sun 01-Nov-15 22:38:16

I treat myself with pretty stitch-markers sometimes. Lots of nice ones on Etsy.

Purlescence has some great decadent knitting presents including some lovely bags - not the sort yer nan had, but really contemporary ones. A few years back I got a knitting bag that looks like a large 1950s' style handbag - brilliant.

JoffreyBaratheon Sun 01-Nov-15 22:41:15

And just to echo someone upthread - avoid KnitPro. They tend to fall apart - just not well made, at all. I use a lot of vintage needles got over the years from charity shops but y total, self indulgent treat of a needle (beware as you have to pay shipping from the US and risk customs charges too unless you can find an EU stockist) are Signature needles. These are the best quality needle I have ever used. And no, they don't pay me to say that. I wish they did.

soloula Tue 03-Nov-15 10:19:07

Just had a look at the bags on purlscence Joffrey and they're lovely but all the nice ones are out of stock at the moment sad Think I might go for something like this. I probably won't be it and about with the bag (got a 2 year old and a 5week old so won't be going to any groups or classes anytime soon!) so I don't need anything too substantial, just enough to tidy everything away hen I'm not working on it and it's a few wee pockets to keep bits and pieces handy.

Crochet hooks are a great idea too Callmecordlia. My late GM used to crochet and I have her old hooks but I don't have a full set - just three or four. Any suggestions for a decent sets of hooks?

Nearlycaughtawoozle Tue 03-Nov-15 10:22:26

Ooh that bag is lovely soloula I am putting on my wish list

Callmecordelia Tue 03-Nov-15 10:56:47

I like clover soft touch ones, and I have friends who swear by their Knit Pro waves.

I find crochet hooks even more of a personal choice than needles. There's something about the hooking action that means the fit of hook to hand is important. I'd think about what sort of wool you use most, and get a couple of hooks in sizes near to what's recommended for it, before buying a full set. So, for example, if you use DK, I'd get a 4mm, 4.5mm (for the foundation chain) and possibly a 3.5mm (for toys and amigurumi) and see how you go.

JoffreyBaratheon Tue 03-Nov-15 18:01:26

I like vintage bone crochet needles - can be got quite cheap at junk shops and vintage fairs and they feel very comfortable, to me. I don't like the old Aero ones.

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