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I need some number buttons!

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Flossyfloof Fri 30-Oct-15 16:15:46

I am making an advent calendar at my sewing course and am not too keen on the way they suggest doing the numbers, they are scraps of material with numbers stamped on them. Obviously my calendar is going to be beautiful and I think little buttons with numbers on would be better, I have found some on EBay but they are a bit large and also come from China so probably won't come in time for this year.
Are they any great button places out there? Or do you have any better ideas? I did think worst case scenario I could embroider the numbers but that might not be great either!

blackwellhana Fri 30-Oct-15 19:14:37

check this two products on amazon:

SeveredHeadsDragOnTheFloor Sun 01-Nov-15 09:36:01

How about wooden gift tags instead? Hobbycraft have some tags and also a tub of wooden numbers that might work.

All the buttons I found were expensive when you need so many of them.

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